So this was me 97% of the day yesterday. Hood up, trying to stay dry. We had crazy thunder storms here (which I love) but rainy days are cozy days.

Then all of a sudden the sun came out, maybe it was because my hubby got home from his trip so everyone was EXCITED including the sky.  Whatever it was, today was a good excuse to wear these rain boots I scored on clearance this week at Old Navy $7.99. I had a coupon but they were still on sale for $15 if you don’t.

Hoodie: Old from Europe similar here
Denim: J Brand
Boots: Old Navy ($4 cheaper in store)
Sunglasses: American Eagle
When your keeping it casual, your hair is a great way to switch up your look. Messy braids are fast and easy!

Enjoy the weekend! TGIF.

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    1. Yesssss Rainy Days are the best. I love the smell right after it rains 🙂 Have a great weekend girl!

  1. I really like how your photos this time around are slightly out of focus, with the casual look it works perfectly! Great comfy look, i love it!

    (come check it out!)

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