Top. F21 (order up a size)  // Denim. Zara // Shoes. F21 // 
Hat. Urban Outfitters // Backpack. Target //
 Probably my two favorite things right now are camo and neons, so a camo, neon backpack was like a dream come true. 
It’s birthday week at our house!! 
My step daughter turns five today (she is growing up way too fast!!) and my b-day is Thursday. Birthday’s actually turn into more of a month celebration…..
We may or may not have had homemade cinnamon rolls, ice cream, and pop corn every day this week. 
What can I say we like to party! 
 A special Happy Birthday to Daddy’s little princess! 

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  1. I love this laid-back look with a pop of something special from your neon heels! I’ll have to try something like this soon and happy early birthday to you!

    The Weekend Diary

  2. Love love love the bracelets they are too cute!! Just started following your blog, and I love it!!

  3. OMG! Happy early bday! Mine is Wednesday, we must be on the same aquarian wavelength because I just got the same shoes, love the look!

  4. Love this!!!!! You got style girl!!!! Loving loving the new bracelets!!!!!! Must get some!

  5. I love your pretty sparkly bracelets with your casual outfit. Perfect mix.

  6. i LIVE in that forever21 top! LOVING the neon pumps with it! and happy birthday to the little lady!!


  7. On a scale of one 1-10…how comfy are those shoes? I love the blue ones!

    1. They are so so. I mean I wouldn’t go shopping in them all day but they aren’t uncomfortable either. I usually try to go a half size up in a lot of my heels so they don’t scrunch my feet.

    1. Yes! I actually got mine on clearance too. But for some reason the sale isn’t showing up online….

  8. I love that last picture. Your outfit is beautiful and I love your jeans.

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    Thank you.


  9. Love your bracelets! Happy Birthday to the young lady (she is also so very stylish in those Hunter boots)! 5 is a fun age. Mine are now 9 and 11…I miss having little ones around!
    Happy Birthday to you as well. How are you celebrating your day on Thursday? More ice cream, cinnamon rolls, and popcorn?
    Olga 🙂

  10. I love backpack purses! I’ve had some that has stuck with me for a while now & I’ve been trying to find a new one but none seem to compare to my old faithful!

    Flounces and Hubbub

  11. CUTE! but i cant believe you wear heels in the snow! i would break something!!

  12. I love this look! That backpack is perfect with those heels. Speaking of those heels, I’ve been thinking about ordering them for a few weeks now and I was just wondering how true to size they are? I’m usually between sizes and can’t decide if I should order up a half size or down.

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