Top. Vince (similar here) / Denim. Joe’s Jeans / Flats. J. Crew / Glasses. Karen Walker
Bracelets. ILY, J. Crew, Alex Bitar / Bag. Gift (similar  and here)
I really don’t wear flats that much unless they are sneakers or sandals, but when I saw these I immediately fell in love. You all know I am sucker for neon. I love how they add the little stripe of neon on the back so no matter what angle the shoes are seen, your sporting a pop of highlighter yellow.  Swoon!
One of my best friends came to visit this weekend. We had a such great weekend of shopping, facials and spa time, yummy food, and girl talk. She got me this amazing gorgeous bag. I’m obsessed! Now, if only she lived closer so we could share closets. I think we bought all of the same things 🙂 
*Photos thanks to Mrs. Jen

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  1. I love your flats!
    Bj S

  2. Those flats are perfect! Loving this casual look and especially the bag! xx

  3. OBSESSED with this look. simple, chic, and a pop of neon!
    sign us up!!!! you are too adorable!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  4. Perfect casual look! Those flats are amazing. I want

  5. I love everything about this look. And those shoes are amazing!

  6. You have the best Messy Buns! I just watched your how to video this weekend. Hoping I can finally do it myself

  7. LOVE those flats! If you need more ideas on how to wear them, check out my series Fashionistas in Flats 🙂


  8. Love those flats! The neon at the toe is too cute!!


  9. Love love love those flats! Are they comfortable? I think I might have to get a pair for myself.

    Xo, Amanda

  10. Those flats are incredible! Love them!!

  11. Love this! I would definitely wear this outfit

  12. Great look on you.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Trend Obsessed: Black & White’.


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