Hey hey! Hope you all had a good weekend! We were so lazy this weekend. Cody and I were both nursing colds so we didn’t get out of our pj’s all weekend. Sometimes it’s nice being sick because it forces you to relax and be lazy.

Lately I have really been into the classic look of neutral colors. I find myself reaching for black, grey, and white tones as I search through my closet figuring out what to wear. A couple years ago when I was living in Italy I got like five pairs of these cotton Hue tights. They are thicker and a little more casual looking than a classic black stocking, they’ve become my all time favorite tight.


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  1. How warm and cozy does your oversized coat look?! Lazy weekends usually the best, but being sick is no good. Hope you are feeling better!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I’m completely drawn to monochromatic combinations lately, something about a little chill in the air always makes me reach for charcoal and black!
    applewood road

  3. This look is gorgeous, love your coat and boots!

    Greetings from London,


  4. Love that coat! Especially with the knee high boots 🙂

    1. Hi Deanna I would say it is like a light weight coat. It’s not heavy like a peacoat but its warm and has a lining inside so it feels different than a sweater 🙂 It’s really a great coat!

  5. Hue Tights are the best !!! I am Canadian & those are the only tights I could wear out during the day in winter! I now live in Florida so I don’t really have that problem!!! I am visiting my family in Canada right now thought & have been going through some old winter clothes..it’s funny how many clothes I’ve had for years but haven’t worn & I still love them & could never part with them!


  6. What a delight to discover your blog, I quite like your style, and find this outfit particularly charming, great look!

  7. Love the combo – I need this coat!

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