Oversized Sweater (size: medium – color: cream cloud) // Forever 21 Shorts (old similar here & here)
Bloom Fresco Highchair // Bloom Seat Pad Harness Set // White Padded Snug (for infants under 6 months) //  Onesie // Apple Park Organic Stuffed Cow

Today I am excited to partner with bloom to bring you guys an amazing giveaway for one of my favorite baby products, the Fresco High Chair. If you saw my post last week I was talking about a few of my favorite baby items and this was at the top of my list. I saw this futuristic looking chair before I had Beckam and fell in love with the modern design.

The little pod the baby sits in can actually be reclined to lay all the way down, so it works as a basinet as well. It’s been nice having something mobile in the kitchen so he can lay by me while I’m cooking or doing dishes. It can swivel 360 degrees so you can face it any direction and has little wheels on the bottom so it is easy to roll wherever you go. The kids love having it at the table so B can have his “own spot” during meal time.

Follow the Rafflecopter links below for your chance to win the Bloom Highchair and Harness set. Giveaway ends next Friday at midnight. Good Luck!
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  1. I love the white and chrome! I hated the highchair we used with our first son … would love this one for our second 🙂

  2. I love the Fresco Chrome in Mercury/Snakeskin Black!

  3. I’m SO excited for this giveaway!! I’ve seriously been coveting one of these highchairs ever since I found out that I was preggos and I LOVE the white colour! The silver is gorgeous too – but then again, they all are! I’m so crossing my fingers for this – eeek! xoxo, Sarah

  4. Loving this giveaway! As my hubby and I are in ‘lets try and have a baby soon’ mode, it’s great to hear and see what new and experienced moms find as must-haves for their babies!

  5. What a cool high chair… Love the white with chrome. My third son, Henry, is just slightly younger than Beckam (and just as smiley). We’re going to start cereal soon and think this chair is the way to go!

  6. Love the chrome and white! My third son, Henry, is just slightly younger than Beckam (and just as smiley!). We def need this chair when we start cereal!

  7. Love “Snakeskin Grey!” Modern, sleek and gender neutral for my “surprise” due in November

  8. Love the “Snakeskin Grey!” Modern, sleek, gender neutral for my surprise due in November!

  9. So excited for this giveaway, hoping to win! I love the Mercury and Silver color-ways!

  10. Such a cool high hair. Mine is 14 months old so I’m not sure if I should enter…. It’s so cool though! Looks awesome! And he’s so cute and u look great!

  11. I love the mercury or silver base, and the white harness/pad or the red… The black is ok…I wish their was like a beige but I didn’t see one….

  12. What a great giveaway! I love the white and the chrome look because it’s so sleek!

  13. Loving this giveaway! Another amazing opportunity brought to us by my favorite blog.
    Would love this chair in the silver frame with black seat padding.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  14. This is the chicest baby chair I’ve ever seen! Ugh, the silver is gorgeous, but I also love the white. You can’t go wrong with a clean slate! (Although, it would probably get dirty, fast!) 🙂

  15. Love the Gray/silver/white!!!!

  16. This highchair is so cool!! I love the white with the pink for my girly girl!

  17. What is your favorite babybloom High Chair and Harness color?
    White on white! Love this chair so, so much.

  18. What is your favorite babybloom High Chair and Harness color?

    Absolutely LOVE this! I would love to get my hands on the white or silver highchair and the coconut white harness/pad.

    xoxo, Madison! (:

  19. I’m not even pregnant (trying!) and I’ve been eyeing this high chair for a while. You’re right…love the modern design (especially space saving for small spaces) and all of the colors offered for the seat pad. I love the combo you chose, white with chrome!

  20. I die. What a gorgeous design!! Would LOVE to have this for my one on the way – my first! Eeek!

  21. omg I love the pics! your style and of course your baby are gorgeous! really love the high silver chair and white or snake skin grey harness! 🙂

  22. Holy A-mazing… this giveaway is fantastic! This high chair is pretty rad. I would LOVE to have the white & chrome one waiting for our little luv bug on the way! Your little is man is beyond adorable mama!

  23. Cutest baby boy ever, love following you on social media! Such a beautiful sweet family!

  24. I would love the chrome! And i think a blue harness pad, somethign that can hide dirt!
    This would be so great for our first!
    xo Elisabeth

  25. I would love this high chair! We have a baby boy coming in just a month! This would be perfect in out apartment!

  26. I would love to win this! I just found out I was expecting a few months ago after a long journey through IVF… Since we have gone broke doing that I would love to win something fancy! I am liking the white / silver combo. It’s very clean cut and is a neutral design so you could keep for baby 2!

  27. I should have my baby any day now and we don’t know gender so for today I would say snakeskin grey but gosh if it’s a girl I would love a pop of color!

  28. Oh I would absolutely love this chair. I’ve tried two other chairs and find so many things I don’t like about them. But everyone I talk to that uses this one, loves it! And it would look so sleek in our dining room

    Lindsey @blushandbacon

  29. White!!! Everything in our house is WHITE! haha

    xoxo, Kerrin Chance

  30. This chair is awesome. I love the Mercury or chromo w/Navy as I need a color that will hide how truly messy our son is!

  31. The Fresco high chair is already on my wishlist. I love how high-end it feels and will compliment our existing furniture instead of sticking out like the standard high chair.

  32. I love the mercury with the snakeskin gray insert. This would be wonderful for our first!

  33. I love the white or silver with the grey or white harness! My husband and I are expecting out first little one in February, so this would be amazing!!! Awesome giveaway!

  34. I love the white or silver with the grey or white harness! My husband and I are expecting our first little one in February, so this would be amazing!!! Awesome giveaway!

  35. I love the white and silver! My 4 month old would adore this chair!!

  36. I wish there were other ways to enter first besides Facebook….don’t have a Facebook 🙁

  37. I love the silver one. The mercury color looks great too, but I think I would rather have the silver one with light gray or white harnes

  38. I’ve been drooling over this high chair for months! Love love love it, and so excited for this giveaway! I love the white & silver
    Fingers crossed!!

  39. Such a nice giveaway! Would love this for my new house and baby girl! Love the chrome! Beautiful design!

  40. So excited for this giveaway! Honestly, I’d be super thrilled with any of the colors, but my favorite is probably black with the gala green. Good luck to everyone! 😘😘😘

  41. My favorite combo is mercury/rosy pink…but not practical and we don’t know what we’re having yet! So, if I win, I would pick white/coconut white! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  42. i love the mercury or the silver. this is an awesome high chair

  43. I love the white frame and gray insert!

  44. Omg this is next to impossible for me to afford and I love it like crazy. The Chrome color exudes elegance <3333 Hope my name appear on this post : Kate J

  45. I love the bloombaby fresco highchair in the white/chrome with the bloombaby seat harness set. It’s a modern look but with a classic touch.

  46. I love the bloombaby fresco highchair in the white/ chrome with the bloombaby white seat harness set. It’s such a modern look with a classic touch.

  47. I love following you on Instagram. This baby chair is the perfect accessory. The silver is gorgeous.

  48. I love the black with snake skin grey harness! Every color and style is great! I love this chair!

  49. I love the white and chrome. So sophisticated!

  50. Love the Mercury chair with the snake skin grey harness!

  51. Love the mercury chair with the Gala Green harness! My little boy would look so cute in it!

  52. this high chair would have to be my favorite its nice and sleek with a shinny look.

  53. OMG this is adorable–and Beckam is soo sweet!

    I love the gun metal “mercury” colour–but the silver you chose is so stunning (and futuristic and fashion-forward) too!

  54. I love the chrome and grey. That way it could work for either a boy or girl, since we don’t know what we are having yet. 🙂

  55. oh my gosh! this would be the PERFECT gift for my sister!!

  56. Aw so sweet! Beautiful picture of you two together! I like the white and chrome combo best! Would love this for my baby girl (and future babes 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!


  57. it would be the mercury or the silver this is the coolest looking high chAIR!

  58. The Chrome screams elegance and I love it. Omg I can never afford this

  59. this would be amazing to win! I like the mercury with bermuda blue!

  60. The chrome and white looks amazing, mercury looks nice too!

  61. Im loving the highchair in mercury with the snake skin grey harness

  62. Love the silver chair with denim pads! 🙂

  63. Love the silver chair with denim pads! 🙂

  64. Definitely the black but then again the white is so clean looking! But I like the black harness the best for both.

  65. I think I love the white or silver with the rose pink insert. I would be cool if they had more insert option colors. I love the chair though!

  66. Love how modern this looks! I would want the mercury or black color!

  67. I like the Mercury and White colors and the Snake Skin Grey harness.

  68. Love the fresco chrome and the lunar silver looks so classic and clean in any home!

  69. fitore

    nice from kosovo

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