I typically keep my lipstick and makeup pretty neutral toned. I love the soft pink shades for lips and the natural conturing for the face. Above are some of my favorite products and current cravings.
1. HAVE: YSL Rogue Volupte Lipstick – Lingerie Pink – The perfect soft pink lipstick. This is the color you see in 90% of my posts.

2. HAVE: Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss – Hands down my favorite lip gloss. I wear it daily.

3. CRAVING: NARS Nail Polish – I love the shade of these two polishes (pink and nude). Nars always creates the perfect hues. I have a few of the their other polishes and the quality is better then the generic drug store polishes.

4. HAVE: Diptyque Baies – The price tag on these candles seems extreme but once you have one you won’t go back. Even when the candle isn’t lit you can smell its aroma. Jasmin is another favorite scent from their collection. I keep that one in my bathroom (it’s more of a sweet scent) and Baies in my living room.

5. CRAVING: Sugar Zip Pouch – Top of my wish list. The color and simple classic shape of this pouch is perfection. A stylish place to store your makeup and lipsticks in your bag, or could also be used as a clutch.

6. CRAVING: Nars Countour Blush – I’m always looking for new contouring products. I’ve read great reviews about this one and just ordered it. Anxious to try it. Have you guys used it before?

7. HAVE: YSL Highlighter – 100% a must have for your makeup collection. Works great for dark bags under your eyes, or as a highlighter to define your brow or cheek bone. Use it everyday I wear makeup.

8. CRAVING: Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler – I have been on the hunt for a good new eye lash curler. Another product I have read great reviews about, so hoping it lives up to the hype. I currently use their BB Cream and love it so I’m guessing I won’t be disappointed.

I always try to coordinate my beauty stock up or when I try new products to when a store is offering free gifts. I love getting the samples and trying new products. Right now Barney’s is offering a big gift with your $200 purchase of beauty products (includes cosmetics, perfume, home fragrance, and hair products). I just did a mini haul and picked up some of the above items along with a couple other favorites: these cotton pads (softest facial pads) and this lip scrub and lip treatment (great for exfoliating and softening lips).


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  1. I want want want every single one of those amazing products! I’m absolutely with you that soft pink keeps a beauty look natural. Adding that YSL shade to my wish list!


  2. I use the Fresh sugar lip scrub/lip treatment and it’s hands-down the best lip moisturizer and scrub! I’ve been meaning to try the YSL Highlighter and have only heard good things so it’s definitely on my wish list! Thanks for posting.

    Stylin’ Iowan Blog

  3. BAIES is my favorite!! Soooo goood… and your makeup colours are so me. I’m obsessed with literally everything in this post, lol! Xo, Sarah

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