Paris Part Two


Distressed Boyfriend Shorts // Birkenstock Sandals (so comfortable) // Leopard Dress (old similar here and here – on sale) // Black Watch // Sunglasses 

Hello Sweater (on sale) // Skinny Jeans // Adidas Sneakers (on sale 40% off!) // Camo Sweater

This rounds up the rest of our time in Paris (you can see first paris post here). I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we were there. It’s funny looking back and seeing how much B has changed already. I got B and I these matching neon shoes for the trip (worn in this post). I’m bummed I didn’t get a pic of both us wearing them at the same time, but they are 40% off now. I got a size 6 in boys and it’s the same as a 8 in women’s. I’m totally that cheesy mom that loves to match. I guess shoes is what I resort to since I can’t really match his clothes 🙂

Rue Cremieux was one of my favorite tourist spots for sure. If you visit Paris you need to go there! It is the cutest street with all these bright pastel buildings. Apparently you aren’t supposed to drive down it. Me the idiot tourist just pulled in and parked on the side. We were getting some nasty looks until people started pointing at this sign I realized what was going on. Ooops! It was so cute watching Atticus and Beckam play together they were cracking up. B kept trying to suck on Atticus hand and he would look all confused and then they would start laughing like crazy. It was so sweet. It’s funny watching how babies interact with each other.

Surprise surprise more Eiffel Tower pics 🙂 We literally went every day we were there. At night they do a light show where the whole thing lights up and sparkles. It’s so beautiful, make sure you make it back in the evening to watch. I think it’s every hour on the hour if I remember right…anyways, you can’t go wrong whatever you end up doing in Paris. I feel like I only got a small taste of the city. Can’t wait to go back!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

* Photos by Jaci Marie 

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  1. Nadia

    Love you style! Do you mind sharing where your pink tshirt is from?

  2. Nadia

    Love your style. Do you mind sharing where your pink t shirt is from? Thanks!

  3. Niki

    ypur time in Paris looks so sweet!! Beckham and atticus look so adorable. I hope you enjoy the rest of your great adventure. 🙂 x


  4. Lauren

    These pictures are lovely, it looks like you had a great time in Paris (I mean – how could you not?)

    Mi Luz. Mi Luna.t

  5. Bry

    Would also love to know where you got your pink tee from! I am dying to get a basic tee like that. 😀

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