White Jeweled Silk Blazer (40% off) || Green Coat (on sale || more sizes here) || Grey Cami (under $2) || Denim || Over-the-knee Boots (40% off in black)|| Silver Chain Necklace || Sunglasses || Silver Watch

Cody’s Look : Grey Jacket || Blue Sweater || Denim || Boots || Industrial Watch || Sunglasses

A simple (or extravagant) combination of accessories can completely transform an outfit, hence our drawers full of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. Your man’s accessory stash might be a little less full – maybe even empty. But all he really needs is that one classic but practical piece that speaks volumes about his taste: a watch.

A man without a watch is like a woman without her handbag – it just shouldn’t happen!  This watch has been at the top of Cody’s wish list for weeks. It was supposed to a be a Christmas present but Mr. Snoopy found it before he was supposed to and was too excited to wait until Christmas to wear it.

With so many different lifestyles and tastes, here a few selections from techie to tailored that will fit anyone’s style:

Industrial: The combination of gunmetal and leather in a watch is the most masculine way to wear jewelry and one of Cody’s favorites. Love this version and the navy face of this one.

 Modern Black: Black doesn’t seem quite so basic in this sleek style or this oversized watch

Colorful: A leather strap watch with a vibrant face is the perfectly sophisticated way to add color to any look.

Techie: A digital and modern piece under $50

Leather: A timeless leather strap watch is an all-time favorite for a reason. They look great with suits or a casual sweater. Also loving this one.

Classic: For a man with timeless taste, you can’t go wrong with a gold or silver chain watch.

 Natural: The nature-lover is sure to appreciate this wood-grain-meets-leather look or this pure wood biodegradable style.


*Photos by JessaKae

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  1. kelsey

    your outfit is killer!

  2. Alyson

    Agreed on this staple! My bf always wears his watch and bc there are so different styles out there, it’s a great way for him to switch up his look.

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  3. miri

    You look so great together! I like what he is wearing…wonder if my fiancé will like it too.
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family.


  4. Shae

    Love how you compare a man without a watch to a woman without a handbag. . . but I agree, every man should have a good watch. Love your green coat too!

    S. Roderick

  5. Melody

    That bling around the collar is giving me everything. You’re so great at finding that flawless balance of edge and glam!

    xo, Melody

  6. Andrea

    I love this post so much! I’ll be sharing with my hubby. Happy holidays!!

  7. Rachel

    My favorite accessory of Cody’s is his beautiful wife in her skinnies and OTK boots. Gorgeous!

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