Montana Snow


BECKAM’S OUTFIT: Blue Snowsuit || Knit Beanie

Every year after Christmas we go and spend time with my family in Montana. It’s always one of my favorite trips to relax and just kick back with the fam. This year we went snowmobiling and sledding on the border of Montana and Idaho. It is beyond gorgeous this time of year. The snow is so thick and caps all the tall pines like a painting.

In years past, I have not been much of a “snow girl”. I would avoid the cold like a plague, but this year I’ve changed my tune and really enjoyed being outdoors more. I could not get enough of B in his snow suit. He looked like the Michelin marshmallow man. I had gotten this camo one for him when it started to get cold, then fell in love with this one my friend Amber had so I ended up with both. I don’t know what it is about babies in little snow suits but they all look so cute in them! A lot of you asked about this pink pom pom beanie, Cody got it for me for Christmas (I love when he picks stuff out). I guess it’s actually from the kids section lol. He just knows how much I love neons so he got anyways, and it fits all the same!

I put together a little video from our trip. I accidentally recorded everything on my phone the wrong way so it doesn’t fit the screen, beginners mistake 🙂 but you can see it here:



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  1. Bogi

    What a beautiful family! Love these kind of posts! It is definitely wonderful in Montana! Glad you guys had fun! ♡

  2. Verhaegen Marijke

    Absolutely in love with the beanie!!

  3. Jenna-Mae

    The pictures and video were too cute!! You and your family always look so happy.

  4. Eryn

    That is so darling. I’ve always wanted to make videos like that. Did you use iMovie? How did you learn? I bet it isn’t that hard, but any tips would be great.

    Also, the first photo is so magical.

  5. Andréa Christine

    I’m hoping I’ll learn to brave the cold and snow soon too, as well! Such fun pictures!

    Andréa Christine
    Latest Blog Post: Wardrobe Basics feat. Yinishang

  6. Steph K

    How fun!! Were you guys at Lookout Pass?!?! I’m from Missoula.

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