Can’t believe our baby boy turns one today! I couldn’t be more thankful to have this little guy! I designed this little tee for him to celebrate the occasion. Every day I think I couldn’t love him more and then some how I do. So much of his personality is coming out. He’s such a laid back baby, other than when he’s hungry he freaks out, but even in his tantrums I want to squeeze him. The pouty face he gets kills me as much as the happy ones.

A Couple Milestones from this Year:

Crawled and Pulled Himself Up: 8 months

First Word: Dada (mama was a close second 🙂 He’s started saying ba-ba a couple weeks ago – which usually means bottle, ball, and blanket all the necessities in his life 🙂 I swear I hear him repeat random things I say like yes or love you but honestly I think it’s just my imagination or a mumble that somehow sounds like a word.

Started Walking: 9 months – Christmas Eve he took his first steps (like 5 or 6)! Then he stopped for a couple weeks and really started walking mid January. I’ll never forget I was getting ready and he just stood up by the bedroom door and did this little waddle over to me. He had the biggest smile like he was so proud of himself! I was crying I was so excited (haha I’m such a cryer!)

First Tooth: 5 1/2 months – lower left tooth, his second lower bottom tooth came in almost the same week // right now he has 10 teeth

Slept through the night at 6 months

Current Favorites:

Blowing Kisses, Clapping his Hands, Dancing to Hip/Hop and Taylor Swift

His Favorite Songs: Time of Our Life by Neyo and Pitbull // Shake it Off by Taylor Swift // He loves loud music! Especially music videos if it’s anything with a beat he will dance.

Favorite Food: Oreo Milkshakes // Baby food: Apples and Spinach and Sweet Potato Gerber Puffs

Random Things He Loves: Climbing Stairs – he bolts for them anytime he sees any, we’ve got baby gates everywhere! // washing machines (we have a front loader) and he just stands there and smacks the door grunting when it’s turned or I’ll find his toys thrown in them when its empty // balls – he loves balls!! It’s always the first toy he goes for no matter whats around.

His Brother and Sister: they always know how to make him laugh. Wes says booty tooty (I know super good words) and he just starts laughing like crazy. Mara just smiles at him and he does this smile thats like a huge gasp of air with a huge grin.

Toys on Toys: Now that he’s walking he always has two things in his hand. He just roams around the house, usually in his diaper and one sock (somehow one always falls off) with the most random things. Usually a spoon, a ball, or the remote. He loves the remote!! and this little toy car I got him in New York.

Feeding Mio: We used to keep Mio’s bones in a box on the floor. B figured out how to open the box and used to just pass him bone after bone. It was the funniest thing to watch,  now Mio just sits next to his high chair and patiently waits for B to pass him any treat off his tray.

Balloons: Every time we are at the grocery store we always walk through the balloon section and he gets so excited. Anytime he sees a balloons he lets out a high pitch squeal. That’s what inspired this little shoot at the house they used for the Disney movie Up. Balloons make everyone happy I think 🙂

Happy Birthday Baby boy! I love you more than ever! Can’t wait to continue watching you grow!

You can see more of Beckam and the fam on Hello His today here.


* Photos by JessaKae

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  1. tania tania

    All the best baby boy . You always look so happy . my birthday is in march like yours . Happy birthday little one !

  2. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    How cute is that first picture! Looks like you had a great celebration!

    Liz @

  3. Vanessa

    This is so adorable! Happy Birthday to your beautiful little boy! 🙂

    And that little house looks like it’s straight out of the movie “Up”!

  4. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    Omg what a cutie! I love these pictures! Is that house the UP house? It looks just like it!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  5. Rachel

    Happy Birthday sweet boy! These pictures are adorable 🙂 My baby girl just turned one last month, and it was so fun and special! Where does the time go?!

    Blonde with a Chanse

  6. Tiffany Orue

    He is such a happy little boy. His smile is so contagious

  7. Kylie Brusch

    this is the cutest thing ever! Is the “Up” house near you?! What a perfect little photo shoot, B is absolutely adorable, and looks so happy! Must be the balloons 🙂


    1. Aw thanks – Ya it is only about 30 mins away from us so it was perfect 🙂 Hope you have a great afternoon! XX

  8. Katie

    Hi there!

    I couldn’t get the discount code to work when I just went to purchase this. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katie,

      I apologize it should be working now 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂 Thanks for reading! XX

  9. Rachael Thomas

    Happy Birthday Beckham! I started following you right before you had him, and I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Such a cutie! I have two eight-month-olds, and it’s hard to believe how fast they grow. Can’t wait to see Beckham grow in the next year…. And love your jacket!
    xo Rachael

  10. Jolien

    Oh, happy birthday cutie!

  11. Pam

    Aaaah so much cuteness in one post! I love this 🙂
    B is the cutest and you two are a dream couple *.*
    Hope you and your baby/kids had a nice day! xo


  12. Rae

    These photos are absolutely adorable! Happy birthday to your little guy! 🙂


  13. Melissa

    He is delicious!! Happy Birthday to your little man 🙂
    and…. if this is your home in the background – it is the absolute best colored house I have seen!!

  14. Sue

    Your son is so cute!

  15. Becky Lynn

    OMG! I had no idea there was an actual house built to look like the one from UP. I’m going to have to take a road trip!!

    Happy Birthday Beckam!

    PS – Where did you get your sunglasses? You can never to wrong with tortoiseshell.

    Becky Lynn @ FavorsandFestivities

  16. Hayley Larue

    This is such a sweet post! And holy crap, that house!!! I am in love! That house with his balloons totally remind me of UP 🙂

  17. Elifftee

    This is so cute! Happy birthday to the little mister! You guys are actually relationship goals!! Xx

  18. Lindsay

    Such a cutie!! Love these photos!!

  19. C's Collection

    He is the most adorable little guy, always so smiley! I love the tshirt and all the love in these pictures! Happy Birthday B!

  20. Daisy - émoi émoi

    This is just adorable! I didn’t realise the house in Up was inspired by a real life one either – such a cool idea for a shoot!

  21. Kelly

    These are the sweetest photos ever. Happy birthday to the little dude. You guys are precious.

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