4 Reasons I Love Flared Denim


You’ve probably started noticing flared denim making it’s way back this year (love this pair because of the frayed detail on the bottom). We’ve all been around long enough to see styles circulate. Aging myself a little here, but I had these same style of pants my freshman/sophomore year of college. I was looking for a picture so we could share a laugh but I haven’t tracked it down yet 🙂

As a style cycles around, it always catches you at a different period in your life and gives you a chance to wear it in new ways, paired with new styles. You may still be on the fence with flared denim, but here are four reasons why you need a pair:

  • The high-waisted and long-hemmed structure adds instant length to your legs, and a lot of it! Pair with heels for a few freebie inches.
  • Denim has never read so classic as in a pair of wide-leg jeans. Something about the combo of flared denim and heels brings to mind the classic fashion icons I have always loved.
  • Wide-leg denim is both forgiving and flattering, accentuating the curves you actually want to accentuate (love this wash!).
  • Adding a new silhouette to your wardrobe will keep your looks current and fresh – we all rely on those skinny jeans too much (myself included 😉

Below are six more flare styles I’m loving in all washes. This distressed pair and this wash are my favorite.


* Photos by JessaKae.

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  1. Chris Clements

    I saved a pair of old flare-leg jeans from years back and just took them out last week. So glad I did. I agree…they give a long, lean look. I like the look you paired.

  2. Amanda

    I just love your take on fashion! It’s a little different than what I usually go for, and it makes me want to step out of my comfort zone! (: thank you!


  3. Shaina Campbell

    I am loving flared denim as well!

    I am only 5’1 so I love wearing flared denim with big wedges underneath to fake that I have long legs! It works like a charm 🙂

    XX Shaina

  4. Lauren

    Geez.. you just make everything look so good.. im too short to pull off the wide legged jeans. 🙁 but maybe ill be brave and try it out. I need to do something different to my style..
    Thanks for this post!


  5. Rebecca {at} PreppyPanache

    I am SO on board with wide leg and flares being back on trend.

  6. Tiffany of Macarons and Coffee

    Love flared denim!!

  7. Suzanne Dang

    Who takes your photos, Christine?


    For fashion events in Australia, personal posts about God and my photography; please check out my website at:


  8. Rae

    Love this look! I seriously need to go get myself some flared jeans 🙂


  9. Pam

    To be honest, I was never a big fan of flared jeans. Not sure why, just never seemed to like them. But maybe I’ll give them a try, just maybe.. haha they look great on you though, great post! xx


  10. Caitlin Morton

    These look great on you! I so wish I could wear this style but being short and a bigger booty it makes me look overweight! You look gorgeous! Xo

  11. Ceffe

    Those jeans are disgusting, why are you still trying to promote or act like they’re “in”? Only older women/bloggers like yourself in your 40’s are wearing them. They’re not “on trend”. I’m not going to follow your blog anymore, it’s so out of sync. You should dress your age not like a teen-20 something. It looks desperate and pathetic. Get some class.

    1. Hi Ceffe – I try to show a variety of outfits, and these jeans are an item I’m loving right now. My blog reflects my personal style and I understand not everyone will love everything I wear 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  12. Amanda

    Great tips! I have relied on skinny jeans too much myself and am bringing back my flares!

  13. Sandra Smith

    I love these jeans but if I am a UK size 10 normally do I go up a size? I always worry with boyfriend jeans that they won’t have the looser fit if I get my regular size but then I don’t want them to be too baggy either


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