Does anyone else’s hair come in last priority when you are in a rush to get ready? I’ve perfected this 5 minute messy curl for my on the go looks. It’s accented with an extreme side part to create volume to the look.   A deep part is all over the runways, from pony-tails to loose locks.  Play up the volume with some messy curls for a bombshell effect.

  1. Start with your hair parted normally (mine is a little to the side normally) or down the middle.
  1. Open the clip of the curling iron and wrap your hair one to two times around the barrel of the curling iron.  Do not curl all the way to the end! I leave at least two inches uncurled at the end. When your curling use big sections of hair. The bigger the section of hair the looser the curl will be the smaller the section of hair the tighter the curl will be. I only do two maybe three sections on one side of my head. Leave a few sections underneath (closest to your ear) straight so it doesn’t look so put together. I love this Hot Shot Tools Pink Titanium curling iron. I got it at Sally Beauty a couple years ago and it’s still my favorite.
  1. Tilt your curling iron at a 45° angle to your body over your shoulder. A time crunch is your friend here – the quicker the curl the better. You’re going after more of a 3rd-4th day curl so you don’t want to hold the curl for very long.
  2. Use a comb to create an extreme side part. Curl that section of hair by briefly wrapping it around the curling iron and slide it down quickly instead of holding it in place. You want the top curl on each side to be for a loose, messy wave.
  1. Last step! Powder the heck out of your hair. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I literally dump my powder all over my hair. After you apply, run your fingers through your hair (pretend you are creating static with a balloon) and scrunch until you have the desired volume.
  2. And voila you have that “I woke up like this” look in under 5 minutes. A lot of times my part does it’s own thing by the end of hair style but I think it adds to the messy look 🙂

A really easy alternative to this look if you want a little more edge is to slick back you hair on the side with less volume and pull it back with a bobby-pin. I love the MetaGrip Premium bobby-pins cause they are a lot longer than the pins you would find at your standard stores.

And for the days when no matter what you do your hair just won’t cooperate, you can’t go wrong with a twisted ballerina bun. Secure your fly-aways with a headbands like the DCNL headwraps. Headbands are actually really on-trend this season so it gives a polished look to a messy hairstyle. I always stock up on my DCNL Gummi clear elastics at Sally Beauty where you can get a bag of 300 for a few bucks.



* Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with  Sally Beauty.

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  1. Monika

    Hi Christine, i visit your blog from time to time and i always enjoy it 🙂 i like the way you dress, the way you wear your hair, you inspire me a lot. Thank you!! Don’t stop :):):):) Greetings from Poland,
    Monika 🙂

  2. Maria Lome

    which lipstick are you using in the first picture?

  3. MARY

    we have a jeep, and my hair can fly way Away.
    Im so getting these.!

  4. Samantha Topham

    Whenever I see your hair it makes me want to cut mine so badly! I wonder if this technique would work for long hair? I might have to give it a shot.


  5. JJ

    Love! What hair powder are you using?

    1. Kiki

      I have the same question! What powder do you use?

  6. Tammy Rod

    Are your lashes strip ones or eyelash extensions?

  7. Charlie

    What powder do you use on your hair? I’ve tried so many and none have really wowed me.. And baby powder just turns my dark brown hair a shade of granny grey!

  8. Rachel

    I love the head band and cute messy bun! My hair is long and this one still works great for me! Your makeup looks absolutely stunning in these pictures! So gorgeous! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  9. Rania

    I’ve always loved your loose messy curls Christine and I’m so excited to try your technique. These are great quick and chic hairstyles, thanks for sharing beautiful!
    xo Rania

  10. Katherine Renick

    Hi! I just started a blog: and was curious if you could help advertise or had any tips! Thanks!

  11. Rae

    Great hair styles! And I love your makeup as well 🙂


  12. Heather

    What powder are you using?

  13. Islara

    Love this! W

    1. Islara

      Sorry. Somehow my comment got posted before I was finished. Anyway, what powder do you use in your hair? I’ve never used one before.

    1. Amanda

      These pictures are great! You should work with this photographer more! You look more relaxed like she caught you being you. So natural and beautiful! Your make up looks fantastic too!

  14. Beth

    So fresh for a woman on the go! Please share your powder pick!!

  15. Kylee Hopkins

    I loved this routine! It has helped me so much, and I love doing this to my hair. Thank you so much for showing us this! Have a good day!

  16. Judy Elmore

    This style seems easy enough and may not be as time consuming as most others.

  17. Terrie Gonzales

    Omg, I just found your pins and I absolutely adore all of them! It’s like we’re soul sisters! Your style is sooo my style it’s like all your closet is my closet, and/or needs to be in my closet ASAP, hahah, and your hair is my hair, wel except I have bangs! Thanks for an adorable site, I love checking in and seeing what you’ve bought, worn, put together, etc.! Love it all, thanks for always telling us what and where you’re wearing and where you’ve purchased them, it makes it so much more convenient for all of us, even in your hair tutorials.

  18. Stavros T

    Love these hair style ideas. Can be done even during the morning rush. Won’t each much of your time. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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