Whenever I have a couple hours to myself when Cody takes the kids out for a couple hours, I jump at the chance for a little extra pampering. There are so many things that get shuffled to the end of the day, and then pushed to the next day and so on. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite pampering things for my “me time”.

1.) I usually start with a hot bath/shower to relax. In full honesty it’s usually the time I actually get to shave my legs. I never thought that would be a luxury! 🙂

2.) I have put my hair through hell taking it from dark to blonde but it’s nothing a great hair masque can’t fix. This Nexxus New York Salon Care Replenishing Masque adds a lot of moisture to my hair with concentrated 100% Elastin Protein and I never mind the waiting time to let it sit – it’s the perfect time to catch up on my fashion magazines. I also love the Nexxus New York Salon Care Emergencee Reconstructing treatment. You do it once a week for 4 weeks to help restore split ends, breakage and reinforce hair fiber from within.

3.) I’ve mentioned it before, but with my latin roots comes dark hair and the inevitable lady-stache! So a few extra minutes to wax my upper lip are much appreciated. I usually pick up a cheap at-home wax kit from Sally’s or Target.


4.) No pampering session would be complete without a face mask. This one is my all-time favorite. Biore pore strips are another great option,. Love getting the pores clean!

5.) I love teeth whitening strips but it seems like there is never a convenient time to actually use them during the day so a couple hours to myself is primetime.

6.) I used to do DIY manicures all the time but then my ADD would kick in and I always ended up messing up one (or more!) nails before they dried so now I typically get manicures at the salon. My toes always fare a little better though so sometimes I’ll add an at-home pedi to the mix.


* Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Nexxus New York Salon Care, a product of Unilever. 

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  1. Ann

    Okay girl….it’s time to stop shaving those legs and get that stuff lasered off! Ya know how much time and effort and hassle this saves? I seriously cannot think of money more well spent than having my leg hair lasered off – LOVE IT and beyond! This would be under the pamper category, so do it!

  2. C's Collection

    So important to take some “me” time! I recently visited Red Door Spa for a Opalex hair treatment and it was the best thing I could have done with the sun and heat!

    C’s Collection |

  3. Christina Storm

    Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to check out those hair treatments! Hope you have a great weekend, Christine!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  4. Kiara King

    I hardly have time to myself now, so I can just imagine how much of a challenge it will be to actually enjoy some pamper time when we eventually have children.

    I really love to give my hair a good nourishing treatment, shave my legs (nothing better than silky smooth legs), exfoliate and moisturise my whole body. It’s such a luxury! And damn, does it feel good!

  5. Rachel

    Isn’t it funny how things like shaving your legs becomes a luxury once you have a little one?! I treasure my long baths haha. I totally need to try this hair mask as well because my ends are super dry and damaged. Thanks for sharing!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. P&F

    I love a good pampering sessions!
    Thank you for sharing – I didnt know that fibre product! Will definitely check it out!

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