As a mom and/or a career woman, time to relax and set aside time for ourselves can be hard to come by. As life gets more complicated, it seems like even putting together a girls’ night can two weeks of planning and coordinating everyone’s schedules in advance. So whether we’re having a movie night, shopping, or indulging our sweet tooth with some fondue and wine, it’s always worth it.

This Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay was the perfect addition to our girls’ night in. It’s a rich, full-bodied wine and the flavor had a beautiful finish. A glass of wine always turns an ordinary night into a special occasion. Plus it was a great chance to unwined (haha like my pun 😉 with some friends.

Any reason to celebrate with a toast is a good one in my book so I love Chateau Ste. Michelle’s #AToastTo competition. Share your own toast to some of your favorite things all summer long on Twitter and Instagram with hashtags @AToastTo and #ToastContest. This week’s theme is a toast to dessert for a chance to win a basket full of sweets or a trip to Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Summer Concert Series in Washington.


So here’s to dessert! Cheers to a girls’ night in, laughing all night, and enjoying a sweet bite. You can see my other toast with Chateau Ste. Michelle here.


*Photos by Jessa Kae. In collaboration with Chateau Ste. Michelle.


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  1. Shae

    A wine and fondue night is always a good idea! This looks so fun, and it’s crazy how planning a get together with friends can take so much schedule shuffling. Everyone is just so busy.

    Shae @ Current Habits

  2. Christianne

    Gorgeous pictures here. I feel you, as a mom and a career woman as well. I can relate. Just last week my girlfriends (also moms like me) was planning for a movie night. It was hard to coordinate everybody’s schedule and all of as agreed to do it this weekend. Hopefully, it happens! Fingers crossed.

    Happy Tuesday Christine!

  3. Mira

    Relaxed evenings with friends are the best! The chocolate fondue looks delicious! x

  4. Natali

    Sometimes, all you need for a complete happiness is a girls night out (in ) glass of good vine and a nice desert. 🙂

  5. Rae

    I’ve been loving midi length dresses lately! Chocolate and wine, sounds like a good time 😉


  6. Rachel

    I think that setting aside some time to hang out with girlfriends, sisters, or your mom is super important, especially if you have kiddos. It rejuvenates you, and allows you to let go of your stresses for a little bit. 🙂 And you look the stunning by the way, I love your cute messy bun!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

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