I love this shot because literally from our first date to today (6 years later) he still opens the car (or helicopter 😉 door for me every time. Cody was so excited he was giddy like a little kid! 🙂 They let him go up front for part of it and he thought it was coolest thing ever!
Cody and I didn’t get a real date night (like alone just us) until about a year after B was been born. Now that we found a good babysitter we try to make it a weekly or every other week event. Sometimes time slips away but it’s really something I look forward to with him!
We have our usual date nights like dinner, or a movie and then we have a list of extreme date nights for special occasions. A private helicopter ride had been on our list so we got dressed up, enjoyed a bottle of my favorite wine, and made it a night! A crazy storm rolled in like an hour before and I thought we were for sure going to have to cancel but it actually worked in our favor. We delayed taking off until it passed, leaving a beautiful sunset! We flew over the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Mountain, and finished over downtown Salt Lake by the Capital and Temple Square. It was by far one of the funnest things we’ve done!
When we decided we wanted to do a helicopter ride I immediately knew I wanted to bring a bottle of riesling, one of my personal favorites, to toast the occasion and knew it would be a perfect excuse for a toast for the Chateau Ste. Michelle’s #AToastTo competition. So here’s a toast to adventure, love, and cheers from above.
This week’s theme is a toast to wine (too easy!) so make your toast to wine with their cute toast generator and share it on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags #ToastContest and #AToastTo for a chance to win a couple prizes including a trip to Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Summer Concert Series.
*Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Chateau Ste. Michelle.


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  1. Christianne

    I love your outfit both of you. Perfect couple date night. I miss going on one with my husband since my mom left. For 2 years since I had my son we had our parents help and now they went back home. So our date nights is always spend at home watching movies.


  2. Kenna Smith

    This is so cool!! My boyfriend and I have been looking EVERYWHERE for someone who does this. What is the name of the business you guys went to? We live in the salt lake area too. You guys make the best couple!

  3. Nina Lacher

    You two are just adorable! I love the looks you’ve chosen for your helicopter date night! So classy <3

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  4. Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984

    Simply beautiful, Christine! What an amazing date night and great incorporation of the wine post–I love it!

    You look STUNNINGGGGG in that outfit, omg, what a babe!

    Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. Christina Storm

    Such beautiful photos! Y’all are a stunning couple! Superstar status!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  6. Gia S.

    Love these pics! Need to try that wine 🙂

  7. Laura Choi

    I love Chateau St Michelle’s Chardonnay! It’s my favorite! I’ve always wanted to visit their winery one day. That is a fun toast contest. Thank you for sharing!

  8. MARY

    wow that was fun

  9. Esther

    Such a stunning photo set <3

  10. goldnfiber

    Both of you are lucky to enjoy a helicopter ride! You are capable to afford the cost but we do not think it. Anyway, keep well and colorant your life 🙂


  11. Jaimi Nielson

    Inspiring idea! I want to recreate this for my 15-year anniversary with my hubby. May I ask what helicopter company you used? Thanks!

  12. Sue

    So romantic …

  13. Kyd2

    Cool pics! I was all looking at them and thought isn’t that Salt Lake City. I’m from Salt Lake too. Nice to know they’re are other people in this city who know fashion and style. I might have to take a date on a helicopter ride. 🙂

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