I heard on the radio yesterday it’s only 15 days until Christmas! I feel like this month has flown by and we have been so busy at work, it hadn’t really hit me! I’m in denial it’s almost here. We have been filling every night with Christmas activities form going to see the lights at Temple Square to building gingerbread houses. I wish this season lasted longer because it really is my favorite time of year. From the fashion to the festivities, I just love seeing the kids so excited every single day with anticipation.

I got this smartwatch a couple weeks ago — the chic style of it is perfect with my everyday outfits. It use to be the case that there wasn’t a lot of overlap between gadgets and fashion. Now I am finding so many cute fashionable gadgets where that are doing double duty! Below are a couple other favorites:

  1. Movado Smartwatch: This smartwatch has gone full chic! I couldn’t even tell this one was a smart watch at first! The Movado Bellina Motion looks like a lot of the typical fashion watches I gravitate towards but is also syncs via Bluetooth to keep track of your sleep and steps.
  2. Phone case+ chain strap: I’m a sucker for cute phone cases, but in most cases they are more decorative than functional. But with this phone case gone crossbody, a gold chain turns your phone case into more than just a case. I’m always setting my phone down somewhere I can’t remember, so I love the idea of adding a chain to make it easier to carry when my hands are full.
  3. Notification braceletThis bracelet alerts you any time you get an incoming text or call from your smart phone from your chosen contact list. (I’ve gotta see this…)
  4. Tassel charger: Cody and I are always stealing each others chargers and somehow can never find one when we need it most. This key chain tassel also doubles as a phone charger so anywhere your bag or keys go, your charger will follow. I love this pretty grey one.

What are some of your favorite fashionable gadgets?

XX, Christine

*Photos by Jessa Kae. In collaboration with Movado.

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  1. Sara Kate

    Ohhh a tassel charger! How cool!! Loving the bow detail on the back of your jacket.

    Sara Kate Styling

  2. Linda Quinones

    Ok, not only are you perfect, but I love all of these tech finds. I wish I could pull off a beanie as well as you do and I’m lusting after that fur coat. That watch is gorgeous and I need to get my hands on the notification bracelet.

  3. Lauren

    I feel like this whole year has just flown by! That tassel charger is so cool, I didn’t even realise it had a charger on it. This would be perfect for my trip to the States this weekend x

  4. Tasha Juli

    These are some great tech pieces! I’m totally coveting your Tom Ford bag!
    Tasha Juli

  5. Andrea

    Adorable outfit. Beautiful coat. What color is on your nails?

  6. Lindsay

    That bow on the back of your coat is so cute!! I need that tassel charger!!

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