4 Booties Every Girl Should Own




One shoe every girl needs in her closet is a comfortable ankle bootie. Booties can be styled in so many different ways making them a great option for any season. You can’t go wrong dressing them down with distressed jeans and an oversized t-shirt – it’s the perfect ensemble for those days you are out running around (or after kids 🙂 and need something comfortable but still put together.

You can also dress up your booties with a more polished look, like black denim and a blazer to make it work for the office or out for dinner. Below are 4 booties every girl should own:

  1. Black leather bootie: I love a good pair of edgy leather booties (love the buckle detail on this one). Whether you have a more feminine style or are all about the menswear, it’s a must for bringing some edge to your wardrobe.
  2. Brown suede booties: Is there any better neutral than brown suede? This suede bootie is beyond easy to transition from casual to dressed up and something you can throw on without even thinking twice. (Also love this heel option.)
  3. Dress bootie: Whether you are more of a cut-out pump bootie or a chic wedge, you’ll never regret a pair of booties with a heel.
  4. Western bootie: I am all about the western bootie (how pretty is this pair?!) They can do so much to transform your look and are perfect with jeans during fall and winter or paired with cut-offs or a shift during spring and summer.

What are some bootie styles you can’t live without?

XX, Christine

*Photos by JessaKae. In collaboration with DSW.

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  1. Tynka.

    two perfect looks!

  2. Tasha Juli

    Such great everyday options! Thanks for sharing.
    Tasha Juli

  3. Kathryn

    Great tips – and I completely agree! The only bootie I’m lacking is a flat bootie. Definitely on my wishlist!

    xx Kathryn

  4. Ashton

    Love all of them! Your top outfit, ?!

  5. Ashton

    Love all of them! Especially the western. They can be worn so versatile. Your top outfit, ?!!

  6. Rachel

    Booties are my go-to in the winter, but I love that they work all year round as well. 🙂 I love the sweet pictures with you and B!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  7. Cait Mitchell

    Love the booties!! super cute 🙂

  8. Nancy

    Who is the designer and style of your glasses? Love that shape!

  9. Torey Beerman

    LOVE these booties! I need to purchase! Booties are my everyday go-to from teaching 2nd graders to out with family and friends 🙂

  10. Anna Clarke

    Your little one is darling! This is such a classy outfit for cold weather. Black /Nude/White/Brown/Grey is practically my whole closet right now so this is perfect haha. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Rebecca

    Love this look! Where did you get your booties at? The ones that are similar are cute, but I really like the hills and zipper on yours.

  12. Elizabeth

    I love these styles and appreciate how affordable they all are. I was wondering if you had any more options for a wedge boot that you would wear? I have a pair with a thick low heal, and a flat pair, but I think I’d really enjoy a wedge heal now.

  13. Kim

    So I bought my first suede booties this past season and I noticed that the dye on my blue jeans (they had been washed) rubbed off on the top of my shoes. Does anyone have any tips on how I can possibly remove the dye and also how I can avoid this happening on future pairs of suede shoes?

  14. Bridget

    I like low heeled or flat booties, what do you suggest wearing with pencil skirts and nylons? I always feel like my booties don’t work with my outfit

  15. Lizette Trotsky

    I love your style!!!!

  16. Marie Lujan

    I love the style of clothing!

  17. Amy

    What is the brand of your brown suede booties with zipper detail and where did u get them?

  18. Anna

    Hi! What brand of black jeans the lady with a coffee cup in her hand is wearing? I’ve been struggling with finding the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans suitable for the office and would appreciate any advice!


  19. Julia

    Your blog post is a breath of fresh air, you really know how to captivate your readers with detailed post and quite amazing images! All in all this is an amazing post which I really enjoyed reading!womenbloggersrock

  20. Katie

    Love these Booties. This is something I am working on, expanding my bootie collection!

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