Q&A: Mixing Work With Mom Life

When I plan outfits I try on 20 different things to make sure what I put together is my absolute favorite. Somedays it comes together quickly and other days not so much. Anyone else have that problem 🙂

I love listening to books (Cody and my Dad got me hooked on Audible) because I don’t have time to read as much as I used to. Beckam always wants this book because there’s four guys balancing on a Ferris Wheels on the cover and he thinks they are doing tricks lol. Every time it comes up he yells “OH MAN MOM!! Look at that sick trick!”

Having a home office is so nice and other days really hard. Somedays I find it takes me twice as long to get the littlest task done because distractions continually pop up, but I am also so thankful to have that time with the kids. I keep two baskets of toys in my office so Beckam can pull out things to play while I get stuff done.

I know it’s cheesy but I love his little hand resting on my back.


I’ve gotten so many questions on working from home, from blogging to being a working mom and balancing family, ILY, and the blog so I wanted to do a little Q&A with some of my most common Q’s.

Q. How do you juggle your responsibilities at work and being a mom?

A. Honestly, it’s a weekly struggle! I try to make it a point to work hours when the kids are asleep or out with Cody so I can take full advantage of the time I have with them. I have some days when it all comes together and somehow feels so easy but then of course there are times when all my deadlines seem to hit at once and there are never enough hours in the day. There are weeks when I feel like, no matter what, something’s gotta give and I am falling short somewhere (or everywhere!) whether it’s missing out on moments with the kids, falling behind on things for ILY, missing deadlines for the blog, or not getting enough one-on-one time with Cody.

I had one of those days last week! I woke up to my blog not working and had 3 projects due for work. Mio got out and was missing for over 5 hours. I was panicked looking everywhere for him. Beckam was having a two year old tantrum crying over everything, then he had a diarrhea explosion and got poop all over our bedroom floor. I was literally in tears. Now I look back and laugh but it was one of those days I was like, “ugh I NEED a break!” I think we all have those days, but I also believe you have to have those struggles and hard days to appreciate the good!

Q. What’s your work day like?

A.  I end up working really odd hours but sometimes that’s hard when the rest of the world and deadlines operate during normal business hours. When there’s a lot going on with work I’m up by 5:00 or 5:30am so I can get as much as possible done before the kids wake up. I usually work for 2 more hours once they are awake because they like to play in the toy room or cuddle in bed so it’s just lazy time for them around the house while I get a few more things done.  I love working in my home office! But there are days I have places and meetings I have to be at. The kids end up running around with me, from shoots to handling stuff at ILY.  Cody is amazing and takes the kids for the full day once a week and takes the kids at 3pm three days a week so I have time to knock out as much as I can for work from 3-6pm without distractions and so we can focus on family time when we are all together. Once the kids are in bed it’s back at it again. Cody and I set days and times to shut everything off, but we both work a lot at night because we both want to be involved with the kids as much as we can during the day.

Q. How do you get focused when you are working from home?

Time blocking! It has seriously saved my life! I set times to get certain things done without distractions. That includes time with the kids where you don’t have your phone or do anything but just spend time with them.

Cody also got me hooked on audiobooks. It’s so hard for me to find time to sit down and actually read. We always download Audible audiobooks about habits of successful businesses and entrepreneurs. I like to listen to them while that we listen to on road trips or when we are traveling. It’s seriously one of the best ways to stay motivated and ambitious! Some of my favorites are Outliers and The Power of Habit. Also just restarted listening to the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up, it’s so good! I always go through a big dejunking after I listen to it.

Q. How do you stay focused?

Cody and I have always made it a priority to set goals. We literally take dry-erase markers to our mirrors and windows and set goals for ourselves personally and also for our blogs and companies. Posting your goals keeps them on the back of your mind (or front!) and has always made me more ambitious to accomplish them.

Q. How do you find time for “you time”?

I’m a huge believer in finding you time. Losing yourself is the first step to losing your sanity so think of keeping yourself grounded as an investment! I’m a sucker for massages and also love going shopping (surprise!). For those days when I’m lucky to get a few minutes free here and there at home during nap time, it’s weirdly relaxing for me to organize my home office. Our house is literally almost always a disaster (I’ve come to realize it can’t all be done and a clean house was the first thing to go 🙂 so organizing my office has become a common occurrence. I usually have an audiobook playing too, whether it’s my current motivational read or an old classic like Anna Karenina (narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Q. What advice would you give those moms trying to balance it all?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! At some point you realize there is no such thing as a perfect mom. The word mom has so many different meanings now so don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t have to have the perfectly kept house or a home-cooked meal every night. Stepford wives don’t exist anymore (at least not in my world :). It’s ok to let the dishes go and take those extra moments to cuddle your kids!

Comment below with any other questions you have! I’m going to start doing more question and answers 🙂 Also I’ve teamed up with Audible to offer you guys a free 30-day free trial with a free book download. It gets so addicting, especially for long flights or when you are multi-tasking around the house.

XX, Christine

*This is a post sponsored by Audible. All opinions and text are my own.

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  1. Andrea

    Would love to know how you started ILY.

  2. Aspen Cross

    These images are beautiful! Can’t get enough of this gorgeous gown! Enjoyed reading this post.

  3. Ashley Uzer

    Amazing dress and serious closet envy!

  4. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    Love this post! It sounds like you’ve found a system that works for you, and that’s what’s most important! Also, love Audible! My husband got me hooked too!

    Her Heartland Soul

  5. C

    That dress is absolutely stunning! I love the amber color of it! I totally get the ups and downs, but it is really nice that you’re able to work from home! So many don’t even have the option!

  6. Polly

    Now that I’m a mom, I know how tough it is to balance it all! It’s a struggle that we all face but what matters is that we try our best and do what we can. 🙂


  7. Girl About Downtown

    I’ll be trying out Audible for sure! And I appreciate your thoughts. Being a new mother makes me sometimes feel overwhelmed with all there is to do. It’s been difficult for me to blog the way I want to, but scheduling and investing in the things that help me retain my sanity (hello, landscape maintenance crew!) make a BIG difference for me. Also, I try to remember that my kid’s only going to be this age once-I want to soak it up while I can!

  8. Shanika Graham-White

    Hi Christine! I’m currently a blogger who’s trying to turn my hobby into a business. How did you get started on your journey to being an entrepreneur? How did you balance your household income and investing in your business?

  9. Melissa Dailey

    While I love the gown, the shoes, the closet, the entire set up is so fabulous and that kid is beyond adorable… It’s just too over-the-top for me. As a mom, I just cannot relate to any toddler mom out there that hangs out in a gorgeous $600+ gown at home, with a flower vase filled with water right next to a bunch of electronic all within toddler-hands reach. You mean to tell us Cody doesn’t put crayons/paint/markers to the shoes or that immaculate white rug? He doesn’t get his dirty hands on that dry-clean only dress? He doesn’t dunk your mouse or phone in the flower vase? This “lifestyle” blog is gorgeous but also equally unattainable, impractical, and posed too perfectly … like, c’mon, seriously?

  10. Torey Beerman

    This is the best advice! I’m an elementary school teacher and blogger and sometimes setting time aside can be overwhelming, but I was happy to read this post about balancing work and play 🙂 I’m also a huge fan of audible when I’m on the road from A to B.

  11. Miki

    Well, I’m no mom, but I know that being a mom and working is like 2 full time jobs. You do such an incredible job. I always love your instagram and blog. You’re a great example that working hard and focusing can mean you really can have the best of both worlds. You can still be stylish, smart, driven and be a fantastic mother.


  12. Dana Harris

    OMG! Your life is soooo hard. Can you put a little effort int your kids outfit? How about some sorts for the boy? really?

    1. Lol we are in my home office and my son loves to run around in his diaper. It’s real life 🙂 No shorts and all that’s what our house is like 🙂

  13. Yana

    You are such an inspiration. I absolutely loved this post!

  14. Caitlyn

    What does your typical day look like?

  15. Shruti Dubey

    Love the collection of everything from dress to interior. Thanks for sharing, really inspiring.

    For Jewellery & Accessories visit :

  16. Dessy

    You’re adorable and inspiring woman! Thank you for all you do with so much passion and love 🙂

  17. Stephanie

    This might be my favorite post of yours! Love, love hearing how you fit everything into the day–time blocking sounds like a great tip! Thank you!!

    I’m inching closer to being able to quit my day job and work for myself, but I also have a baby and have been quite nervous about handling work responsibilities once (if) I am working for myself.

    It’s inspiring to see how another Momma handles everything 🙂


  18. Elizabeth Hawkins

    Omg it’s really nice to hear some truthful words. I love the fact that you are so real and straight up when it comes to your personal life. I’m a new momma and stay at home wife. To create a blog, an Instagram page, and possible company that grows into something huge is a dream of mine. Especially since my husbands real estate work and social media peeps are drastically growing every week! You are truly an inspiration of mine and I hope to meet you one day!

    BTW I loved the dress! ?


  19. Nihaal

    Love that dress! It is stunning!

  20. Erika Altes

    As a fellow mom and blogger this is definitely some helpful advice!! Also obsessed with your dress, absolutely stunning xoxox

  21. Diana Coss

    Loved this! So inspireing!

  22. Ashley Lamont

    I know you have answered this question before in your blog, but where is your cute office rug from?

  23. Salman Dean

    Seriously adorable post. Total inspiration!

  24. Mariangelica

    Anyone know where this computer desk is from?

  25. Tina

    Can I borrow your dress? Kidding but really where did you get this?
    Any FYI you actually have inspired me as well. I Started my own blog just a few days ago and I really love all of the experiences and moments you express in your post(s). You have awesome style and it’s apparent you are a good mom too. xoxo

  26. Sequoia mott

    I came across your blog on Google+! Instantly a fan! Great content and layout! 🙂

  27. Rochelle

    Hi! I’ve been trying to find this dress or one similar ever since this one sold out … anyways if anyone is wondering I found a blue and black one on shein. Not sure about the quality because I just ordered. I just thought I’d share with you and the readers if anyone is looking for a similar dress still.

  28. Kristy

    I am about the start our purge after I finished reading Life Changing Magic of Tidying. I am nervous but excited at the same time! Any insight into how you manage to purge?

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