Hey 2017! 5 Goals For the New Year

Obsessed with these colorblocked blue pants (UNDER $100)! I like that they are high-waisted!

Cody has a hard time finding sweatpants for the gym that aren’t too hot. He loved this pair from Marks & Spencer – they are fitted and still stretchy and lightweight.

Brrrr. It’s been dumping so much snow in Utah lately! I just got a bunch of new workout stuff (all under $60). Love this vest for a versatile athleisure layer.



It’s officially 2017! The new year came so fast! New Year’s always leaves me really really excited! A chance for a new start, new goals, and time to reflect on what I’m thankful for from the previous year and what I want to improve moving forward. 2016 was probably one of my most exciting years yet! Cody and I set BIG goals starting last year, personal goals, travel goals, goals to grow the blog and ILY and almost every goal we set we hit. We worked our asses off, but at the end of the year honestly I felt so emotionally exhausted. We were putting in long hours, many all nighters, and at the end of the day it felt like I didn’t get to enjoy the journey because I was pushing so hard to hit those goals.

Reflecting back on last year, I’ve realized that a lot of times when you feel like you are overwhelmed, so much of it is mental – it all starts with a mindset. I let myself get overwhelmed with that feeling of being “so busy” that I didn’t just sit down and enjoy moments. A lot of times even when I was home my mind was constantly running and I was never able to shut anything off. I realized that if you are working hard and not balancing the rest of your life, life just becomes work and there’s no point to working hard when you aren’t taking time to enjoy it.

With that said, below are a couple of my New Year’s goals for this year. We are taking a different approach to things and working more on improving the little day to day things that affect everything else we do.

  1. READ MORE. One of my big goals for this year is to read more. I’ve realized it’s easy for me to get distracted and overwhelmed mentally so I’ve been reading positive and inspiring books even just for 15 minutes a day to keep me on track. I just got a book that talks about being effective with your time and I’ve already taken so many parts to heart.
  2. RELAX. Last year even when I would be relaxing, taking a bath at night, I’d be in the tub with my phone responding to emails, getting posts ready, etc. The book I’ve been reading talks about deliberately setting aside that time to relax, otherwise you never get a chance to recharge. So I’ve literally been turning my phone to silent and putting it in another room so I don’t get distracted and actually relax. Not only does learning to relax help you recharge but allows you to be more present in the moment.
  3. BE PRESENT. I really debated sharing this, because it was probably one of my lowest “mom moments”, but I always strive to be honest with you guys, even in the hard times because life isn’t perfect. A few weeks ago I was on my phone finishing a deadline and B kept asking me to play tennis with him, I kept telling him to hold on I was almost done. After about 5 minutes of not being done, he started a major melt down crying, telling me to put my phone down, that I don’t pay attention to him. It was such a hard mom moment! It literally broke my heart. I threw my phone down and in tears gave him the biggest hug and just put everything else aside to be with him that afternoon. Sometime’s I forget how much they are really watching our every move. It is one of the hard parts of working from home, is that the kids see me working more but I realized this goes back to time blocking. Being effective with my time so when I am with them it’s quality time. I know I wasn’t present in many areas this last year, with my family, Cody, friends, etc. I don’t say that for you guys to build me up, I say that because I see it almost everywhere I go. We are all glued to our phones and it’s kind of sad in reality. I love what I do and am so grateful to be able to make a career out of something I’m passionate about, but no career is worth those bad mom moments so I’m making this year all about being more present.
  4. TIME BLOCKING. This was actually something we started last month we are bringing into this year. It is crazy how fast the day flies by and how easy it is to get distracted. We all get a million notifications on our phone from emails, social media, texts, calls, etc. I’ll be the first to admit I am easily distracted haha. So Cody and I both have started blocking out our days to effectively get things done. Certain times for certain projects.Whatever doesn’t get done, we have to wake up early the next day and finish. We have carried it over to our employees as well and it’s crazy how much more effective you are if you just set a timer to get something done.
  5. BEING ACTIVE. This is like a month to month thing for me, some months I’m really good at it and others I’m so bad. This book I’m reading cited all sorts of studies that show that even just 30 minutes of activity, 3 days a week positively affects almost every aspect of your life: health, happiness, love life – everything! It’s so easy to stay cuddled up inside, especially in the dead of winter, but with your New Year’s goals just getting started it’s the best time to start those habits and carve out at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to be active, whether it’s going to the gym, walking, or trying yoga or spin class.

Ok, sorry for the novel! I’ve spent so much time reflecting on last year and what I want for this year and it’s so helpful to put it into words – I swear writing it out makes it seem that much more attainable. What are some of your goals for the year?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links.

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  1. Megan

    Absolutely loved this post! I see a lot of the same issues in my own life when I’m so focused on getting business things done that I don’t take time to live my life. Thanks for being honest and I know you’ll rock 2017!!

  2. Emma

    Oh, this is just a fabulous post! I think you’ve probably written what most of us women battle with every day. I’d be very interested to hear what book you’re reading if you don’t mind sharing? It sounds really interesting. Thanks! xo


    Ahhh, you guys look brilliant!!! 🙂

  4. Ashley

    Sorry if I missed this in your post but what book are you reading?

  5. Taylor

    Need details on shoes!! Love them.

    1. I got them at a sneaker store in New York they are sooooo hard to find cause they sell out so fast 🙁

      1. Chelsea

        What are your shoes called? I am willing to hunt them down! Haha!

  6. Natali

    Reading more is something I never had problems with, I’m such a book worm but being present and more active is something I def. wanna work on more and have it “working” for me in 2017!

    Great photos, you two are such an adorable and admirable couple.

  7. Michelle Johnson

    Such a great post! I love all the goals and could use some of those myself! 😉

  8. Sam

    Great post Christine! This hit home for what some of the things I am looking to improve upon this year as well. Being present can be so difficult for me when I have a million things I think I need to be doing instead of relaxing. One thing I’m adding to my list is having more adventures!

    What is the book you are reading about managing time? Also one of my goals ?

  9. Tess Felber

    First off, you and Cody are the CUTEST!! That photo of you jumping in the air is the best! Thank you for sharing your new goals, I think these are all so great and I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself about the sitation with B, theres no such thing as being the “perfect” mom. Thank you for being one of my favorite bloggers, keep it up chick <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  10. Ainslie Hayden

    Love this post! These are things we all need to work on in our crazy Busy world! Take care!

  11. Jodi

    Those are all great goals … I actually have ‘be present’ tattooed on my arm. ?

  12. Jessica Linn

    Im beyond obsessed with this workout style! Those leggings are so adorable, maybe if I had an cate outfit like this it would motivate me to actually work out 😉


  13. Alexa

    Happy New Year! May this be your best year!

  14. morgan

    Must ask.. what is the book that you are reading?!

    Thanks! xx

  15. Nina

    Loved this post! Honest and so true for most people and moms out there. I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, in Stockholm Sweden, but I have the same challenges and recognise everything you write, and I am right now trying to sum 2106 and plan 2017. Thanks for a great blog/Instagram, love the inspiration and ‘feel good’ but also the more “real”posts! /Nina

  16. Iulia

    Please Tell me the title of the book you are reading, it sounds very interesting 🙂

  17. Amanda H

    What’s the name of the book you are reading? It seems so aspiring… Something I could use as well. Thanks for sharing your goals, and life’s not so perfect moments. It helps when people don’t always act as if their life is always picture perfect

  18. Yana

    Awesome goals!
    Beautiful photos. 🙂

  19. Jessica Jackson

    This book sounds great! What is it?

      1. Jessica Jackson

        Thanks so much! Love your blog & clothing line btw! =)

  20. Isabella Leyva

    Loved the workout clothes! I for sure have to start time blocking as well! I also made a post with my goals for 2017, if you want to check them out I’ll leave the link down below!
    xx Isabella | @angulo28blog

  21. Terra Roisin

    I love your athleisure vibe. Thanks for sharing some of your New Year’s goals, especially the goal to be more present. This is something I struggle with myself (and will do better at) and the mom guilt can be overwhelming.

    Fifteen Minutes to Flawless

  22. PSLily Boutique

    Love your leggings!! 🙂

    ❤️ xoxo,

    Lily //

    PSLily Boutique

  23. marie from heartfelt hunt

    i love your 2017 goals and am super curious what the name of the book is you are reading at the moment. thank u so much for sharing so much with us!!! <3 <3 <3


  24. Kari

    I was listening the other day on the radio on my way to work that less social media is the top 1 resolution according to a survey, I guess 2016 was pretty intense on that matter for all.
    Love your photos!! Have a nice day!

    xo. Kari

  25. Kim

    Great post! What brand are those sunglasses? Thanks!

  26. Stacy @loveophelia

    Such a good post. Love your honesty SO much. I’ve also had my kids say, “Mom, don’t look at your phone. Look at me!” It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? Well, I’m inspired to throw some cozy pjs on, cuddle up on the couch, and not answer those emails tonight. Thank you!?

  27. Kathryn

    Oh these are all such great resolutions! I think we could all use a little bit more of those five things in our lives.

    xx Kathryn

  28. Sheila Hill

    Where did you get the vest and shoes?

  29. Joko

    I really love this post with your new year resolutions. Your list relates to my everyday thinking. This year is definitely a DOING instead of just saying and writing it.

  30. Stephanie

    I like your goals for the new year. I’m a little late to the game but think I may poach them. Better late than never right?! And I love your vest!

    1. Hi Stephanie! It’s never too late to add to your resolutions! Haha better than waiting til next January, right? 😉 XX

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