7 Fun Ideas for a Date Night At Home

We got these new pans a couple weeks ago and they are oven safe up to 500° so it’s really easy to just prep and stick right in the oven.

How amazing is this built-in strainer!

When you realize you don’t have a brush to brush olive oil onto your bread you improvise with tomatoes lol!





Hey guys! I’ve talked about it before but having alone time with your significant other is so important. Make time for it! Especially once you have kids, that time together is so important because life gets way more chaotic the older they get!

I’ve gotten a lot of a comments and emails from you guys about date ideas when you are on a budget, or when you have kids at home and can’t always get a sitter. So I wanted to put a list together of some fun ways to spend a romantic night in:

  1. Try something new. For us it’s cooking. We are both not the best cooks. When you can’t rely on your cooking skills, you for sure need to invest in good cookware so we just got this Lagostina set. It’s comical because we are such beginners we were making this Italian chicken dish the other night and we literally had to google how to crush garlic because we weren’t sure if there was a specific technique or what?! (so embarrassing!) We got halfway through and realized we didn’t have a brush for the olive oil and bruschetta, and improvised with garlic cloves and tomatoes to spread the olive oil across the bread.  Honestly I feel like it’s those moments that make an experience more memorable. Having everything come easy and run smoothly is boring, it’s the funny mishaps that are memorable! We’ve also had those times when we plan to stay in for a romantic night and the kids just don’t stay occupied (or asleep if it’s their bedtime) – you can incorporate them and have them act as servers or put them on clean up duty so they get to participate. The Lagostina pots is dishwasher safe so it makes clean-up easy.
  2. Youtube dance lessons. You can take this as silly or as seriously as you want to, but either way sounds like so much fun!
  3. Make your own board game. Cody does this with the kids all the time but it works great for adults too! Pick up a game from the dollar store (we picked up a travel sized Chutes & Ladders last time) and grab some small pieces of paper (we use old business cards) to make funny ‘chance’ cards. Every time you land on an odd number, for example, you have to draw a chance card which might have something funny or a chore, etc. For date night at home, your chance cards could be anything from giving a 5 minute massage to a 2-second make-out, etc. (You can make it as PG or non-PG as you want 🙂
  4. Have a cook-off! Whether it’s a full meal or just dessert, pick a couple recipes and see who can make it better or invite some of your couple friends over for a cook-off! You might need to recruit some unbiased judges, which is another fun way to involve the kids if they won’t stay in bed ;).
  5. Build a fort & binge-watch a new show.  Cody is a master for builder! We love to string lights around our forts and make it overflowing with pillows and cozy blankets. We love finding new shots, and one of our favorites is The Night Of. It’s a little dark at some parts, but it’s really good! We watched 5 episodes in one night. For a laugh, we love King of Queens. It’s an old school classic, but the way they jokingly argue kind of reminds me and Cody of the way we banter so it’s a good, easy show to watch.
  6. Blind taste test.  You can either pick up some fun treats at the store that you think will stump each other or have fun quizzing each other on ingredients you already have at home.
  7. Bubble Bath and Your Favorite Playlist.  Baths are one of the best ways to relax! You can make it extra romantic by making a playlist with some of your favorite songs from your relationship. You can also stick a bath bomb in your S/O’s bag when they leave in the morning with a note that says “Bubble Bath: you & me – tonight.” or think of other ways to build it up for them.

What are some of you favorite ways to spend a date night at home?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Macy’s and ShopStyle. 

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  1. Meghan Lorine

    This is such a cute post – – definitely trying the cook-off suggestion with my bf! x

    1. Thanks Alyssa! Bruschetta is my favorite haha it’s one recipe I have nailed down 😉

  2. Jessica

    I am obsessed with your kitchen!! Totally not sure if this is okay to ask but I am HIGHLY requesting a house tour type post! I would DIE to get a glimpse into your house!

    xo, jess

    1. Thanks Jess! I actually have a couple room reveals coming up soon – slowly but surely we’ll get a full house reveal! Haha


    As much as I LOVE to go out for dinner (it’s quie possibly one of my favourite things to do – nothing beats good food and company), I also enjoy spending the night indoors and cooking 🙂 X


    1. Being at home is the best sometimes! We’re trying to get better at cooking so the food at least stands a chance against eating out hahaha

  4. Ann

    Omg, I have never seen so much brown-tan in 1 single room my whole life. In the nicest way, let me say: darlin’, you need to totally overhaul that monotone cocoon of a room, that’s really bad. I would not show that kitchen on the blog until you bring it into today’s time.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Ya brown tones aren’t my favorite either, we are renting the home while we build 🙂 but regardless even if it was my favorite color your comment is a little intense over a color of a cabinet. Everyone has different taste and color choices, there’s not a set style for “blogger’s kitchens” and if there was I wouldn’t want to have the same thing as everyone else. But to each their own I guess 😉 Have a good one!

  5. Yeeling

    Hehe thanks for these tips! Date nights out can sometimes get boring (and expensive) so these are definitely nice and cozy to do! Thanks for sharing!

    Love from Singapore,

  6. Blitz

    Beautiful kitchen countertop and cabinet combination, i am in the process of finalizing my kitchen and have been looking for kitcgen countertops n cabinets for weeks, i woukd really want to know the exact name of those cabinet colors orvformuca snd that kitchen countertop detaiks, thank you 🙂

  7. Blitz

    Really beautiful kitchen, can you please tell me what are those cabinets called,their color,wood used,formica etc abd that countertop. Thank you

  8. Becky

    I LOVE your kitchen cabinets! Do you know what type of wood and stain was used?

  9. Cami

    I’m sorry for the most unrelated question. We are currently in the building of making plans to build our home and I really like your kitchen cabinets. Do you know what kind of wood they are and the stain that was used? I would much appreciate it!

  10. Tatyana

    Pleaseee do an edition on a kitchen tour!

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