NYC Family Travel Diary


Happy Sunday guys! I am so overdue on a lot of my recent travel guides – hoping to catch up one day – starting with our trip to NY! Here are 5 things to do in NYC as a family:

1. Pick the perfect location. Since it’s such a big city, you really have to choose where you stay strategically so you don’t spend the majority of the time getting to and from the sights you want to see. We stayed at the Quin, and it was in an amazing location. It’s really close to Central Park, close to shopping and some of our favorite restaruants, and the rooms were really spacious! The hotel restaurant was also delicious, too. Traveling with kids, sometimes you end up calling it a night early or have to stay in for a meal so I’m always so thankful when the hotel food is so yummy! Also I have to mention the bathrooms because the tubs were HUGE and the whole bathroom was marble. It was so pretty.


Central Park. What’s NYC with out Central park! Our hotel was really close to Central Park so we went over multiple times during out stay. There’s so many different areas of the park to see that all have a really different feel so we explored there daily. It’s super kid-friendly and there are endless things to do.

Ride bikes to explore the city. They rent bikes in the building next to the hotel. I think it’s like $10 for the day or something like that. The boys originally said let’s just rent them to ride through the park, but if you know my husband it’s always about all the extreme activities so it quickly turned into, let’s just ride them to the Brooklyn Bridge. (They are not close to each other lol) It ended up being an all day activity but it was a great work out and such a fun way to see the city up close!

Walk and find new restaurants and enjoy old favorites. I always have to go to Sarabeth’s every time I’m in NY. So good! Have you guys ever gone? It was not even a block away from our hotel, so I was excited to make it over for breakfast! Also wha’t NYC with out pizza we went to which is a famous spot in NYC called Joe’s Pizza, it was really good for pizza on the go while we were out walking around. The city has so many places to eat – there’s something for everyone.

Jet-ski tour of the city. This was our first time doing this and it was amazing! I can’t recommend it enough. It was so cool to witness new views of the city I have never seen before. Just avoid getting in the water if you can haha.

Hit the market. We were surprised to find the cutest farmer’s market on Saturday morning when we walked outside our hotel. Such a fun NY touch! To be honest I’m not sure if it happens every Saturday or it was a special occasion but they had lots of yummy food trucks and little trinkets for the kids.


Times Square. Times Square is always an exciting stop, SUPER TOURISTY!! I have to say that because really I get overwhelmed with big crowsds of people, but with Beckam’s current superhero obsession it was even more magical this year. He was so excited to see all his favorite superheroes in real life!! He was freaking out. Kids really make everything so so magical!!

Ice skating at The Rockefeller Center. This has been on my bucketlist FOREVER, and it’s even more magical in the winter! So much fun, especially as a family. I didn’t think Beckam would even care about going but he was so so excited! It was pretty funny because I am NOT a good skater, and trying to hold Beckam up and skate at the same time. It was pretty comical! Good memories though πŸ™‚



What are some of your favorite family activities in NYC?

XX, Christine

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  1. heather

    What a beautiful and informative post! Your family is just darling,

  2. Fortune Dushey

    Beautiful family! We live in NYC and never thought to do a jet ski tour. Great idea for spring summer!

  3. Tabitha

    What a great post! You look like you had such a great time on your trip and all the activities look so much fun! I’ve never been to New York City but I’ve always wanted to!


    1. Omgosh you should totally go! Such a great place to visit and so many fun things to do!

  4. Michelle Johnson

    I love going to see plays and eat at great restaurants!

    1. Going to see plays is so fun! Hopefully when B is a little older he will appreciate them more!

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