Nike With My Mini


He loves to pretend he’s a ninja.


His little Nike track suit kills me!



If you guys follow much on stories, you know I started 2 weeks of no sugar – not to lose weight but just be healthier overall and see if I have more energy and feel better throughout the day.  I had literally eaten SO MUCH junk food through the holidays! The first few days were rough! I was so tired, had no energy, and had dark circles under my eyes. It’s definitely gotten easier since the first couple days and I’ve started finding new things I can eat that satisfy my cravings without caving. (I just cut artificial sugar, so natural sugars like fruits were ok :).

I’ve also started going back to the gym. I was so slammed with work for the last 3 months that I really slacked, and even when I would try to do workouts at home, I would get distracted and not push myself as hard. It seriously feels so good getting back into it! I found a bunch of new sportswear pieces (is that the best motivation for anyone else?? 😂) that got me so excited to start getting back into my routine. I’m obsessed with these Nike Metcon 4’s (comes in 4 colors)! Love the pretty blush colorblock detail and how cute are the polka dot laces? Also got these Nike Free Flyknits which are on sale right now for under $100 and comes in 10 colors. This logo cropped tank was another one of my favorite buys.  It’s the perfect middle ground between just a sports bra and a regular top. I also stocked up on warm layers to wear to and from the gym and this one is soo cozy. I’m probably in sportswear 70% of the time, whether I’m working out or not, so I’m a sucker for comfy layers. I also got these joggers in both grey and black and they are another great piece for the gym or loungewear for lazy days. I found this matching Nike Tech Fleece sweatsuit for Beckam too and I’m obsessed (and same with these mini Nike Huarache sneakers)! Slash it also makes him look like a big kid and I almost can’t handle it!

Below are a few more of my favorite Nike picks that work for leg day or loungewear:

Xx, Christine

*In collaboration with Nike and ShopStyle.

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! As someone who medically can’t have sugar, it’s not fun. Especially when the office has cakes everyday, ugh.

  2. Charyse

    You’re incredible ! Great post. He does look so big in his outfit. Love following you

  3. Courtney

    You have the cutest family!

  4. Whitney @ Beauty_isthegame

    I went sugar free before and I felt great too! I instantly lost inches in my waist and felt so much lighter on my feet. A great way to start getting back into your routine!

  5. Ashley Robertson

    Hi Christine!

    This post is so cute! I absolutely love the jumping photo of you two. I am finally on a kick of working out as well and those sneakers might be a perfect addition to my new workout routine!

    xx, Ashley |

  6. newtype

    Extremely, His little Nike track suit kills! Also shop for Womens Sports Clothing Plus
    size Intimates at

  7. Chloe Noller

    You are so funny! And true to life! Cute workout clothes really are one of the best things about working out! LOL

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