7 Reasons to Visit the Nickelodeon Punta Cana Resort


Hey guys!! I have soooo many travel guides still in my saved drafts I need to post still so I’m telling you guys here and now that I’m going to post them with in the next 7 days! I think by writing it down it holds me accountable haha but I’m excited to share our travel diary from our trip to Punta Cana earlier this month. It was our first time to the Dominican Republic so we were super excited to go! We stayed at the Nickelodeon Punta Cana. They opened about a year ago, so it’s really nice and new still. The kids said it was their favorite trip we have done, and honestly Cody and I went with the intention it was going to be super kid focused but it was actually super fun for adults too! With that, here are 7 reasons to visit the Nickelodeon Punta Cana Resort:


1. There’s something for everyone. Going to a themed resort, we were expecting it to be more geared towards the kids but I was surprised at how adult-friendly it was! There’s the full-fledged kids area and water park, but then there is an area with several pools and direct beach access with cabanas, food, endless Pina coladas and the perfect body surfing waves! So it appealed to the whole family, not just the kids!  Every day we would see at least a couple characters around the resort, but they weren’t out 24/7 so the magic and excitement at seeing a new character never went away.


2. The accommodations. If you guys followed along on Insta stories at all, you know what I’m talking about. The villas are insane! They have tons of different options for rooms that are all amazing- this one even had a pool in the villa. Especially when you are traveling as a family, the room is always high on my list because the kids need a break from the sun sometimes so it’s nice to have a spacious area to come relax. Also they had an outdoor shower and tub and it was my favorite part of the room!! The kids took a bath every night outside and Cody and I would wake up and relax in the tub. Seriously I highly suggest the upgrade! Also one of the villas is the shape of a pineapple – Spongebob’s House!

Mara took this pic.  The kids have really gotten into photography it’s so cute to see them just pick up the camera and take their own pics of each other 🙂

3. The Waterpark Foam Party. This reminded me so much of a kid-friendly version of spring break haha. They had the foam party a couple days a week and foam up parts of the water park, which ends up flowing into the lazy river and kids pool. Definitely a highlight! Make sure you do it! The water park in general is super nice! They have tons of water slides for all ages and so the kids were entertained for hours!


4. The beach. Direct beach access is SO NICE! The stretch of beach right in front of the resort had little waves (it might have just been windy the day we were there). Cody and the kids loved it because it was perfect water for body surfing. Yes I went a couple times, but you guys know how scared I am when I can’t see the bottom of the water (shark phobia!)  I know so pathetic so I only went for like 15 minutes before my anxiety would set in! haha please tell me someone else gets it?? But the water is also super warm so it’s easy to get in.

If you walk super smooth water you can walk not even 2 minutes to the left, the water is totally calm so you really had the best of both worlds right there. We took a taxi to another beach about 5 minutes away which was also amazing but I’ll be sharing that in a full post soon!

(The Italian restaurant – so pretty!!!)

5. The food! At a lot of the inclusive resorts we’ve found that even if you eat at different restaurants, the food starts to feel the same, but that wasn’t the case at all here. The food was so good. Our favorites were Verdello (Italian – loved the bolognese spaghetti and the lasagna!) and Wok Wok (Asian Fusion – the fried rice was amazing!). There was also a cute little coffee shop that had the best caramel macchiato I’ve ever had! They had ice creams and gourmet desserts around the clock so the kids stopped every couple hours for a treat 🙂 They said the ice-cream was their favorite.

We also did a character breakfast one morning. You can either do all the characters of ninja turtles. The kids opted for ninja turtles and Wes was so excited. He got the most into it, Beckam liked it for a second then got scared haha.

6. The kids’ zone. The kid center was really nice. They had a different character theme every day – one day was Dora the Explorer theme complete with a treasure hunt. They also had a Paw Patrol day (Beckam’s favorite!) and a cool Paw Patrol slide like the show. The kids loved it and always wanted to go back, so it ended up being perfect timing for Cody and I to sneak in a spa service 😉


5. The entertainment. Every night the Nickelodeon Punta Cana Resort had a different show going on. It was fun to have something to look forward to every night! Our favorite was the circus show. They also play a different kid movie on a big projector in the common area with free treats and a old school popcorn machine. They put out toys like hola hoops and stuff for the kids to play with. Mara and Wes made new friends from New York and still talk to them even since we’ve been home 🙂

6. The spa. I wish I had a good picture of the spa. If you saw my stories you know the joke lol. I asked Cody to take a pic and he said got it and it was a blurry one of me with my eyes closed lol. Haha we all can relate! But the spa was so so nice. We got a couple massage. Make sure you go to the back serenity and pool area to relax. It’s so peaceful.

7. GET SLIMED! I think this was what Wes was MOST excited about. He literally was shaking he was so excited. We all got slimed big time!! Wes loved it so much we did it twice 🙂 For sure a must do!

I still have tons of pictures from our trip to share so let me know if you guys have any questions about the resort or Punta Cana that I can address in my next post!

XX, Christine

*Thanks to Nickelodeon Punta Cana for hosting our family!

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! That resort looks so much fun for me, and I have no kids lol! Seeing the Nickelodeon sign and the slime makes me nostalgic for when I used to binge watch that channel. It was always my favorite


  2. Erin

    OMG this place looks amazing! I showed my fiance and we already agreed whenever we do have kids and they get old enough we will 100% have to check this place out! Looks like you guys had so much fun 🙂

  3. Michelle Johnson

    Looks so much fun! And I definitely am with ya on the water–If I can’t see the bottom–I’m not going in!! Ha!

  4. Deidra Brown

    Wow this looks like fun!!! I think I need to talk the hubby into this vacation for our family of 7.

  5. Nina WaterandwinebLoG

    Looks amazing! I will have to look into this when we look at Punta Cana for a vacation! Would you say that for a couple to go, it wouldn’t be as fun since we don’t have kids yet?

  6. Michelle

    We went to this resort last year and had a blast! The accommodations were amazing. Almost every room has a pool right outside your own back door, it’s perfect! The grounds are beautiful and easy to get around, the food was good, the service was wonderful, and all of the activities were so fun. It felt so clean and the decor was just cool. I would go back in a heartbeat. And you’re right, getting slimed was definitely the best part!

  7. Michelle

    I love these photos, and love how your family is always in almost all of your posts. If you don’t mind me asking, what camera or phone do you use to take your photos?

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  9. Angela

    I loved all of your bathing suit choices!! I’ve been having such a hard time finding cute high waist swimsuits nearby and I finally ordered from this site if you’re looking for more similar swimsuits. I can’t wait until my son is old enough so we can take him here too!

  10. Stefania Paulette Blog

    What an awesome trip!! And you are with your family, what’s better that that!!

  11. Stefania Paulette blog

    What a lovely vacation!!

  12. OPal

    I am definitely planning to check out this resort in Punta Cana after reading this post and seeing these pics. You look great in these swimsuits.

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