We’re baaack! We had such an amazing time in the Dominican Republic celebrating mine and Mara’s birthdays. Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes – they totally made my day! It’s funny the older you get, the things you enjoy spending money on chance, your perspectives change, life changes. It’s weird though because mentally I still feel in my early 20’s a lot of times, and then it will hit me that I’m not that age anymore! I don’t know if that even makes sense lol – anyone else relate? But I have to admit, I really love my 30s. (I’m 33 for those who have asked) – these have been the best years! Anywayyyy in reflecting on my age, I realized the things I spent my money on in my 20s is so different in my 30s. I thought it would be fun to share some of the buys that have changed with age. 🙂

1. Comfy PJ’s: If you’re anything like me you love to lounge around in cozy pajamas. The second I get home from work, 99.5% of the time I’m stripping down and changing into my comfy clothes! I also work from home a lot so comfort is key! I’ve realized that it’s so work it to spend a little more on high quality pajama sets that will literally last forever. I just got these Thirdlove pajamas and I’m obsessed! They are so soft and as soon as you put them on you’ll fall in love. They come in three colors but you guys know I’m a sucker for pink so of course I picked that color. 🙂

2. Good Books: Ok if I’m totally honest, it’s more like cute decor books. I love looking for new coffee table books or pretty books for our shelves. When it comes to actual reading, I feel like maybe i save money now because I get books on tape and Audible.

3. My Skincare Routine: I can’t say this enough, but it’s never too early to invest in good skincare products. I didn’t really start to focus on my skin until I hit my 30’s, well maybe late 20’s – but now I’m definitely making up for lost time and it’s one thing that I always invest in.

4. Candles: Candles, candles, candles! I have been going through a major candle phase lately – nothing makes a house feel more like a home than a good scent! Whether an investment to you is $10 or $100, it will make all the difference in your home (not to mention it double as decor!).

5. Pretty Lingerie: Nothing beats feeling comfy and feminine at the same time. You guys know I love my sweats and tees, but there’s something about good lingerie underneath that makes you feel confident no matter what you’re wearing on top. I just got this pretty two-tone bra (also got the matching panties) and am obsessed! I’ll usually find any excuse to ditch my bra, but that’s not the case with this one – it’s so comfy!

Thirdlove is one of the only companies I know of that will let you try out one of their bras for 30 days completely free! If you’re unsure which fit would be right for you they also have a fit finder quiz here.

What are some of the things you guys have started investing in? Below are a few more pretty lingerie pieces and pajamas I’m loving!


XX, Christine

*In collaboration with THIRDLOVE.

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  1. aLISA

    I completely agree with every single one of these. It’s so funny how when you’re younger, you spend a ton of money on a bunch of cheap things but as you get older, you invest in the less things that are greater in quality. Now I want to go buy some comfy PJ’s and new lingerie!

  2. Elegant duchess

    A lot of things do change with age. I actually spent a lot of money on bath bubbles , candles and diffusers! I have to admit that I spend the most on travelling and staying in luxurious hotels what 10 years ago didn’t matter as much , as long as I had a bed to sleep on and cleanliness was of a good standard! Haha 😂

  3. Vaishali

    I just turned 30 and my skin care routine is bad. I must say there is no routine. Can you do one post sometime to share your regular routine with some brands that one can use, Thanks gal.

  4. Tabitha

    Great post! It’s interesting to think about what my priorities were in my early 20’s to now my mid 20’s. Definitely a lot has changed. Now I don’t care for decor books that are never read (it almost feels like a crime) but I do like to invest in more books to read and try out new genres.


  5. Natali

    Oh my, I couldn’t agree more with you!! Those are all the same things I have been investing in myself and up until recently I haven’t been giving them big attention or were up for spending some bigger sum on the same things either.

  6. Jandrew

    I’m older than you by a number of years . I often leave comments on your blog. I’m that rare beast a man who writes a fashion blog for women. So my perspective may differ . What’s the big deal I’m just one of the girls.
    As I have aged I have noticed I spend Lenore less often I tend to have given up on spontaneous buying. I purchase more classic clothing and value what I buy much more.
    Dress The Part

  7. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    I love this Christine! I’m so overboard with comfy pjs, I just hoard as many as I can get!

    I hope you’ve had a great Tuesday!

  8. Sandy

    Love love the picture frames above the bed!! Who did that for you? Where can I get one done?❤️❤️

    1. Hey Sandy! Cody actually made these frames for me for Mother’s Day – he added each pic individually! <3 One of my favorite gifts ever.

  9. Emily

    I totally agree with enjoying my 30s more! I started getting sad about the big 3-0 when I turned 29 but little did I know that this would be a better time for me! I feel like I’m still young & cute but also experienced with a lot of life struggles versus how I felt in my 20s.

  10. AltoAmore

    I am pretty sure I spend all of my money on those five things..especially candles and lingerie.. I think #6 would be shoes because high quality shoes last a lifetime. Also, super adorable PJs.

  11. Tracy

    I love your cozy room! Where did you find those picture frames to show off family moments? Thanks!

  12. Brandi Matthews

    I love this!!! Cozy Jams are an absolute must!!!!! Love these pink one’s! XO
    Xx Brandi

  13. Sher

    I love your picture frames in the back! Where did you get them? I can’t find any that big!

  14. Sher

    I love your picture frames in the back! Where did you get them? I can’t find any that big!

    I love the picture frames in the back! Where did you get them? I can’t find any that big!

    1. Hi Sher! Cody actually made them for me for Mother’s Day last year – they are probably my favorite gift ever! He got the frames from Hobby Lobby I think, and he had each image printed and then manually taped them up one by one <3

  15. Stefania Paulette Blog

    Love the pink PJs!! So comfy…
    Stefania Paulette Blog

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