I always do the biggest chunk of my fall shopping during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I get 40-50% of my fall wardrobe during the sale! And I’m still wearing tons of the pieces I picked up at last year’s sale. Unlike most sales, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has all of this season’s pieces at crazy discounts and it’s across all categories – beauty, clothes, accessories, shoes, and stuff for the whole family. It’s hands down the best time to shop this year, so I wanted to share 3 things you need to know now before the sale starts!

Become a Nordstrom Member ASAP!

The Anniversary Sale opens to Nordstrom Cardholders on July 12th, and it doesn’t open to the rest of the public until July 20th. A lot of pieces sell out during that time, so it really pays off to sign up as a member. If you are on the fence, chances are you will end up signing up at some point so better to get first dibs when the sale starts on the 12th. Even if you don’t use it very often, you’ll be glad you have it to access the sale.  If you haven’t yet, you can apply here.

When in doubt, pull the trigger.

No matter when you start shopping, pieces are always moving quickly so when in doubt, always check out! Nordstrom is the easiest store ever for returns, so if you get a piece and it doesn’t work out it’s beyond easy to return it. I’m guilty of always adding pieces to my cart and then getting distracted by something else, and when I come back to check out half of the pieces are sold out (and it’s always my favorite picks!)

It’s not over til it’s over.

Nordstrom will randomly add new pieces or restock during the sale, so don’t forget to keep checking until it ends on August 5th! I’ll be sharing some of my favorites when the sale launches on Thursday (I got a sneak peek last week – can’t wait to share some of my favorite outfits!) and I’ll be sharing my favorites continuously throughout the sale, from new additions to restocks, and more.

Below are a few pieces I already have my eye on! You can also look at the catalog here.


If you’ve been saving up for an investment piece, this is definitely the time to buy. I wear my Michele watches all the time and this one is gorgeous, and is 33% of which adds up. Lagos is another great option for high-end jewelry and they have a few great pieces included in the sale as well.


Over-the-knee boots are one of the biggest styles every season, and I love the fresh update to this pair with a pointed toe and block heel. It looks really high-end and is over 35% off and under $100. This is one of those pieces that will go really quickly.


I have a nude pair of Vince mules that I have been wearing for years and they are close to the end. I have been looking everywhere so something similar and SOOO excited to see these! They are super versatile and you can (and will) wear them with anything.

These sneakers in white are the very top of my list for the sale! Vince’s shoes are always so comfortable and I love the elastic detail on top!


I always stock up on sneakers during the Anniversary Sale. Obsessed with this one that comes in both cream and black and there are lots of other styles in my favorite brands that will be included in the sale.


One of my favorite parts of the Anniversary Sale is all of the accessories. They are the perfect way to update your wardrobe for the season with some current style. Love this panama hat!


I love all of T3’s hair styling tools. They are super lightweight and their blow-dryers always dry my hair super fast. Love this chic color combo!


I’ve heard amazing things about this toning kit and can’t wait to try it!


Plaid will be even bigger this season than last year, and this one is a great way to embrace the plaid. Love the length!


With how much I travel, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect travel bag. Cody always tries to get me to squeeze everything into a carry-on, and I’m obsessed with this duffel and the perfect extra space for everything I couldn’t fit in my carry-on suitcase haha. 


Topshop is always a hit during the Anniversary sale and this cardigan is one of those pieces that I think will fly. Love the knit structure and the longline hem which we are seeing tons of this season.

Who else is so giddy for the sale to launch!? Have you guys scoped out some of your favorite pieces – would love to hear what you have your eye on!

XX, Christine

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  1. Emily

    My favorite is the white cami’

  2. KimbeRly Atkins

    Love all your picks! I especially love those OTK boots!

  3. Shaylyne stone

    I’m obsessed with the lace camisoles! And my favorite would have to be the OTK boots! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  4. MeGan

    Love your picks!!

  5. Keelee weaver

    LOVE your style!!

  6. Melody chu

    Love the leather jacket and hoodie!!

  7. LindsAy ingAldson

    You’ve made it so easy for me to find all these fabulous things! Thank you! I can’t wait to get over to shop the sale too now.

  8. Dieu nguYen

    Love love all of the affordable jean picks and those white block heels! Adding to cart as soon as I can!

  9. MEGan

    Love the white pumps!

  10. Tawni Tamarra

    Love this post! It’s so helpful seeing you try on the items 🙂 My favorite is probably the silk joggers or the mustard yellow cardigan. I can’t decide! Xoxo

  11. LinDsay

    Love some of these items! And the give away!

  12. Sarah

    LOVE the criss cross bodysuit and grey coat!

  13. LAuren

    Love the jumpsuit

  14. Annie Piland

    Sooo cute and trendy, love seeing what you put together!

  15. Armie h

    I’m looking into buying jeans a cardigan and the cami

  16. Alyse davia

    I love that you put different pieces together and layered your outfits! By far my favorite outfit combos for the Nordstrom sale. Thanks!

  17. Anny oor

    I love the red jumpsuit!

  18. Amber naeF

    amazing post!! you made such good picks i am so impressed! thank you so much i can tell you put in a lot of work to get this up for us! i want everything you picked!! my favorite is the black lace cami! i missed out on it last year so i will be sure to snag mine this year! I also want the t3 hair dryer! you killed it with these picks!! ❤️

  19. Andrea

    Love the leather jacket with the hood!

  20. Mackenzie

    I wish you could come style my entire closet! I looked through the entire sale page and hardly found anything I liked. I got on insta and saw your blog.. wow! Seeing the way you styled these pieces really sold me.

  21. CHeyanne niskanen

    I LOVE your style! All the outfits you put together are so cute. 💞

  22. Jessica Pirro

    Obsessed with all of your looks! Thanks for sharing!

  23. TaysHialove

    Okay, that tan v cardigan and the tan slip ones!!! I’m obsessed!! I love how Nordstrom’s items are all priced really well this year! So many amazing items! I’d love to update my wardrobe that I haven’t been able to update in over a year n a half!!

  24. Amy Rico

    Loved all your picks- you always wear neutral-color pieces the best. I would get the Madewell Lafayette bucket bag probably!

  25. Amy Rico

    Loved all your picks- you always look the best with all the great neutral pieces- I’d get the Madewell Bucket Bag probably for myself!

  26. Ashley beckius

    Great picks per usual!! Living for the cardigans!!

  27. Tania

    Love the plaid trench and the booties! #NSALE

  28. Vanessa

    Love your picks! And yes, gimme all the pink!

  29. Bre

    Love the Vince sneakers and the plaid blazer!

  30. KATHLEen l

    Need need need the red jumpsuit!

  31. Megan

    Love the jumpsuit <3

  32. mami2jcn

    I love the plaid trenchcoat.

  33. Lisa schober

    Obsessed with the topshop knit cardi, jumpsuit, and striped beige sweater 😍

  34. Elizabeth T.

    Can’t wait to shop the sale too! Loving all of your picks so much! Especially those coats and cardigans! Can’t wait for the fall!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  35. Diana

    Love all your picks and can’t wait to start shopping!

  36. kelsea Schmueser

    Cardigan season is coming and i couldn’t be more excited!!!!

  37. Ranyah Abdelr

    Love the Vans!!

  38. Nasreen

    I love all of your picks! Everything looks great on you! I’m already in love with all of the cardigans/sweaters! I’m definitely going to purchase the vans and adidas they have on sale! Thank you for sharing your faves!

  39. Suzy

    So many good finds!! Love them all 💗

  40. Gabrielle koester

    I loved the distressed boyfriend jeans the best!! Definitely getting those. Thanks for all of the suggestions!

  41. jillianne

    LOVING your picks!! that topshop cardigan under $50 is amazing!

  42. Maty Danks

    Love the navy mules.

  43. Melissa parsons

    My favs are all the beautiful cardigans! Love seeing all your outfits from the sale!!!

  44. Gloria Autran

    You have some great picks! I bought a few pieces today. Your post helped a lot!

  45. Sara perez

    I really want the BP OPEN TOE SHOES and the UGG HEEL BOOTS. Love your finds!!!! I hope I still got the chance to buy the lace cami.

  46. michelle murphy

    love all your outfit pics! never would’ve thought to pair the jumpsuit of my dreams with that plaid blazer, great pick 👌

  47. Emily flamini

    Obsessed with your finds!!

  48. True

    Great post! 🙂

  49. Stephanie Molfino

    I love what you found! I hope some items come back in stock! Also, I cannot wait until Fall 😉

  50. Stephanie MOlfino

    That trench coat is so cute! I love all the sweaters!

  51. Rachel

    So helpful!! Love all the cute cardigans for fall!

  52. Kinga

    Love the blush silk joggers!

  53. Bianca

    Your #nsale finds are so good! Love your style!

  54. Samantha Stephans

    I love it all!! I definitely need to grab a few pairs of jeans and that leather jacket!!😍

  55. Hailey

    Obsessed with both pairs of Vince shoes, they go with EVERYTHING!!

  56. Carmen Batten

    Definitely getting those Vince flats. So chic and practical!

  57. Dandi D

    I really like the striped cashmere sweater the best!

  58. Marine SEnac

    Love how you paired different pieces together. Great inspiration!

  59. FlEet

    Loved the over the knee boots!! I think I need to upgrade my old ones!

  60. Aljna

    Great picks! You pair stuff together SO well and just rock it.

  61. Liz

    Loving all the shoes!

  62. Han Duke

    Christine, great post! I am eyeing the long plaid coat, I missed getting them when my size was available. I was kinda late to the party, and my size is no longer available.! But I’ll be sure to keep checking. I need to check out the beauty section, and the shoes!

  63. Karly hammans

    LOVE those rose gold vans!! 😍

  64. Sara Inman

    Love all of these picks!

  65. Cindy A.

    I love the Boiled Wool Blend Drape Front Coat!

  66. Patti

    I like the
    Long Open Front Cardi from Topshelf!

  67. Hayley

    Love the Twist Front Bodysuit!!!

  68. Kayla klontz

    I most like the red tie jumpsuit!

  69. Lisa Walker

    I LOVE the plaid trench coat in the picture. All of the outfits look amazing!

  70. Lisa Walker

    I LOVE the plaid trench coat! All of the outfits look amazing!

  71. Anita Jude

    I love the boots or handbag

  72. Raven

    Great pics for the sale,

  73. Beth

    I’m obsessed with the striped cashmere sweater, I hope it’s still in my size tomorrow.

  74. Megan taylor

    Loved the Red Tie Jumpsuit!!! I didn’t see any other bloggers share it and it’s such a cute find!

  75. Mariel delAcruz brAndeberry

    Love how you broke down each piece with pictures and prices!! You made it so easy for us to look at your favorite picks!! Mine is that black leather jackets!! Ugh its so cute and on your insta story I saw your hubby with one two!! So cute! ✨✨

  76. Jordan RodrIgues

    I’m all about the comfortable so distressed jeans, a tee, and sneakers are my go-to. And I’m a sucker for hoodies and purses. My favorite pieces (you look amazing in everything) are the pink duffel, flashback adidas, and tweed vans. They looks so comfy and cute! I follow you on Instagram and I find your posts and this outfit blog really inspiring to try new styles! I want to try a more grown-up look and nail that business look so I love the business casual pieces you’ve introduced. I’m a big fan. Thank you for your hard work! 🙂

  77. Jessie Thompson

    Literally OBSESSED with everything. Favorite look was the one with the leather jacket, shade skirt and knee high boots. Love everything about it!

  78. Kirsten

    LOVE the waterfall coat!! Always look forward to your posts (:

  79. Jayme

    Love the silk joggers 💕

  80. KIrsten

    Love the waterfall coat!! Hoping for some restocks tonight!!

  81. Natalie k

    Such a helpful post! Don’t know how I’m going to narrow the cart down! 😱😍

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