Happy Sunday! I had so much fun answering your questions last week but there were so many questions I wasn’t able to get to, so I included them in this week’s post!

1. What is the perfect, go-to date night look?!
I think it really depends on what you’re doing! I usually like to just do jeans or in the fall a leather pant so that I am comfortable and warm enough. If we are going out to eat I love off the shoulder sweaters. I have this sweater in multiple colors and love it! Here’s another off the shoulder option for under $25!  If we are walking a lot I love a low heeled bootie – this is like my fav pair ever! I am currently on the hunt for a similar pair in tan suede if anyone has seen any LET ME KNOW! 🙂  If we aren’t walking much its always my excuse to wear high heels! 

2. What are your favorite budget buys? Broke college student but still trying to be cute!
I love a good budget buy!  Here are a few of my recent budget buys under $50: this sweater (obsessed!), this bag is under $35 and I have been wearing it on repeat lately, this foundation brush is under $5 and amazing, this teddybear pullover from is one of my favorites right now….you’ve already seen me wear it multiple times! Its so cozy. 

3. Do you have advice for someone going through a breakup with someone who was their best friend prior to dating?
Breakups are always soooo hard. After a breakup I think everyone needs space at first, but maybe with time you guys can be friends again. But if they were mean and didn’t treat you well, then cut them out of your life! I honestly believe whatever is meant to be will be so my best advice is to remember that the breakup happened for a reason and in the end you will see why and be happier! Lots of love to you!

4. Where do you like to shop for sweaters for fall/winter?!
H&M is definitely one of my favorites! I just got this chunky turtleneck sweater for under $50 -its so warm and cozy I don’t want to take it off!  I also love this one (under $20, comes in 5 colors and love them all!), this long cardigan, and now I need this fuzzy pink sweater immediately!  Like I said – SO many great (and affordable!) options here 🙂

5. Does it ever give you stress/anxiety to keep up with fashion and beauty trends?
It doesn’t give me stress keeping up with the trends because I really just wear what I like and I enjoy looking at magazines and looking at articles for inspiration. I honestly really love my job, so learning more about fashion and beauty give me a lot of happiness. However, sometimes I do get anxious when I feel like I am not producing enough content. Because being a blogger you are the brand/business at the end of the day your the one responsible for making sure things are growing, and sometimes I feel like I could always be doing more. And when you love it, its easy to get caught up in always WANTING to do more. I think one thing I have really taken to heart this year is realizing that family is more important than any business so it’s ok to not be doing everything and always producing. So that’s sometimes why I don’t post everyday 🙂

6.  What’s your philosophy for cleaning out your closet?

I have actually been a lot better about this lately!  I read a book (a must read if you haven’t already!) about figuring out whether or not an item brings you joy and only keeping what does – so when I pick something up to wear and it doesn’t bring me joy or I am not excited to put it on, then I don’t keep it. Unless its something sentimental – I have a shirt thats the first shirt Cody ever bought me. I wore it in our engagement pictures and I still have it in my closet! I try to purge my closet as often as I can and donate clothes, give to friends & family and I love doing the occasional blogger sale where I can sell my clothes to you all! 

7. What contractors are you using to build in Utah?
Heritage Custom Homes – his wife Erin Hansen is our designer ❤️

8. Who cooks at home? And what do you make for dinner?
Honestly, we eat out a lot. We will go in phases where we do cook and both Cody and I take turns cooking. Cody thinks he’s a horrible cook, but he’s actually a good cook! When we cook we like keeping it simple and easy!  Chicken and rice, hamburger and rice, spaghetti, and we do breakfast for dinner a lot. If I’m feeling ambitious I make poppyseed chicken which is a recipe my step mom gave me that I grew up eating a lot. We eat a lot of asparagus as a side too 🙂

9. Are you and your husband LDS?
I am not LDS, Cody was raised LDS and everyone in his family is active except for him. He still believes a lot from the church, but we are not currently active. My family is non-denominational Christian. We both believe in God and consider ourselves Christians ❤️

10. What products do you use in B’s hair?
I get this question a lot! I finally just did a blog post this week all about Beckam and fall outfits for him that you can read here where I answer this!  I use this gel in his hair combined with this hairspray.

11. What do you use to whiten your teeth?
In high school I always used crest white strips – they work really well but they always made my teeth so sensitive!  I haven’t used anything in awhile. A couple years ago I went to a medspa where they whiten your teeth and it made my teeth a couple shades whiter and Cody’s 8 shades whiter…it was really cool! I think you are supposed to do that every year so after awhile I feel like they went back to the way they were before.   They did a great job but their location is like an hour away from our house so I haven’t made it back yet!

12. Beauty product you can not live without?
No question – this!  Its an investment 100% but it’s amazing.

Thanks so much for sending in your questions.  I truly love answering them and getting to feel like I am chatting with you all! Feel free to send me a DM on instagram anytime as well and we will try to include those questions here each week! Hope you all had a great weekend – love you guys!!


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  1. Shanna

    Where is your jacket from in the picture? Black one?

  2. Tabitha

    I love this series! It’s so much fun learning about the people behind the brand and their fun facts. Your advice about the breakup is a good one. I hope you’ll do more relationship advice!


  3. Marcy Curbelo

    Thanks for being so candid about your personal life. I love all your content and think the amount you produce is really good. I mean, I dont get bored with your stuff or think that you overdo anything. Keeps the anticipation going! I wish CA would get real winters to be able to wear chunky sweaters, coats and scarfs but we are into November and still have 80+ degree weather in some parts of southern CA. Anyway, keep this up! Love reading about you and seeing what news way of styling and everything you put out on this blog!

  4. Shelly

    I really enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful family. My question is: HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU STAY SO SLIM?

  5. Elizabeth T.

    Loved this post so much <3 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of these great ti[s and tricks too!

  6. Le Na

    Is it your own teeth and not veneers? Would never think.

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