After being married for a while, balancing family time, work schedules, kids’ sports, and just the chaos of life, it can be tricky to set aside time for a true date night with Cody. There are days where we are so rushed out the door that it takes us like a half hour to unwind and really start getting connected on date night. Then there are days where we actually shut work off before date night and it totally changes our mood! Here are 7 of my favorite ideas to start setting the mood for date night before you even walk out the door!

  1. Plan ahead! Put it on your calendar and schedule the babysitter so things can’t pop up and cause you to postpone! I try to do it a week in advance instead of day of or the night before because it seems like things pup up closer to the day of. The anticipation and excitement leading up to an event is half the fun and will give you something to look forward to.
  2. Drop a note. Hide a little note in your S/O’s briefcase, car, or gym bag – anywhere they will find it before date night! Let them know how excited you are for the upcoming night and build up some of their own excitement for what’s in store.
  3. Set rules. It might not seem romantic, but nothing says I love you like banning your cell phones for the night, haha. Since Cody and I work together on so many projects, it can be hard to turn work off on date night, so set those boundaries ahead of time! Whether it’s no phones, no work talk, etc., find whatever works for you!
  4. . Get ready together. There’s something about seeing your guy shave and put on your favorite cologne that really starts the night off on the right foot, so I always love when mine and Cody’s schedules line up and we can get ready together (although he takes about half the time to get ready as I do lol). Are you guys the type to share products or do you keep everything separate? Occasionally I’ll steal Cody’s Gillette razors but I also have my own Venus razors. Right now, Costco’s running sales on Venus Disposable Razors ($5 off – sale ends today!), and Mach3 Turbo razor refills and Gillette ProGlide razor refills for $14-$15 off now through June 25th so grab them on sale now! I also love the scent of Cody’s Gillette Advanced 5-in-1 Deodorant but I think I’ll leave that one to him. 😉 What products do you guys share?
  5. Blast your favorite playlist. Set the mood with your couple’s playlist. If you don’t have one, make one! We love playing songs that bring us back to all different stages of our relationship – it’s such a fun walk down memory lane and perfect for setting the stage for a special night.
  6. Get confident. The first step to looking beautiful is to feel beautiful. Nothing beats the look or feel of smooth, sleek legs, freshly washed hair, and a bright red lip!
  7. Try something new. Experiencing new things together always makes for the best memories. Break out of your usual dinner and a movie routine with something out of your comfort zone!

What are some of your ideas for getting date-night ready?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with P&G.

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  1. Elizabeth T.

    Aww you two are the cutest <3 🙂 And yes, date night is super important!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  2. Medona Steve

    woww wonderful. both look great and fantastic blog ever.i really enjoyed it:)
    keep sharing:)

  3. Linda

    Love your Blog! Paint polar bear premium did you use flat matte everywhere? or did you use different sheens for trim? Is your ceiling the same color? Thank you so much, Linda xo

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