DETAILS: LUNCH BOX  (ALSO LOVE THIS BENTO BOX VERSION – perfect for back-to-school season!)

I shared some of my favorite lunch/snack organizers in this post that make back-to-school life so much easier (like this one and how cute is this one?!) so I wanted to share a few recent lunch and snacks I put together in B’s bento box lunch box. I always end up with a few pre-packaged snacks since they are so convenient, but prepping a bagel sandwich or some fresh fruits and veggies or cheese help round out the meal. Pinterest has so many cute and creative lunch ideas so there are endless inspiration ideas available and it makes such a difference when the kids open up their lunch box or snacks! Beckam’s face when he saw I added some of his favorite cereal as a treat was priceless haha.

Below are some other products to make packing lunches and snacks a piece of cake.


XX, Christine


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  1. Carmen

    I really enjoyed this post and love the lunch boxes you show in the photos. I can’t seem to find the exact ones in the links. The one you have has those mesh pockets which I love! Can you send a link to it? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Carmen! I actually found this shark lunchbox in store – I couldn’t find the exact same one online to link to but they have tons of similar options! Thanks so much for following! XX

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