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Some of the cutest baby essentials!

It feels crazy to think that this baby could be arriving any day now! These last 9 months have flown by! When I was pregnant with Beckam, I was prepping and buying things throughout the entire pregnancy but this time around I’ve ended up procrastinating so now I’m trying to knock everything out at once! So I did a giant haul last week and knocked it out all at once!

MAMAROO: I used the Mamaroo with Beckam and he loved it! It rocks and sways plus has built-in toys and can pair via bluetooth to play music so if you are tied up cleaning or you work from home, it’s like having an extra set of hands around to help!

OWLET:  Baby monitors are an obvious must, but I’ve had so many friends swear by the Owlet Smart Sock! It tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and notifies you if it senses something isn’t right. These literally lifesaving products are so amazing and I’m so grateful for technology advances like this! So cool!

BATH: This is my all time favorite baby shampoo/conditioner it smells AMAZING!! Also one think you don’t think about is trimming babies’ nails, but they grow so fast! I always worry about accidentally hurting them, but this little nail set is perfect for their tiny little fingers and toes. It also comes with a compact travel case which is really convenient.

BABY BLANKET: My sister-in-law made a fleece blanket for Beckam when he was born and he wouldn’t let that blanket leave his side for years! I grabbed this one at buybuy BABY and it was so soft, I couldn’t say no!

CLOTHES: This is an obvious one, but my staple clothes items are neutral onesies (you can never have too many – who knows how many you will go through in one day even? haha) and soft mittens and socks so they can’t scratch themselves. I had no idea about mittens on my first, and Beckam scratched his face the first night and I was so sad, feeling soooo bad and then found out little mits. It was just something I never knew about until I had kids (maybe everyone else knows haha) but I love these organic ones in neutral colors. Also I found this 3-pack of chenille booties that look so cozy!

SWADDLES: It used to be all about the tricks for swaddling with blankets, but the buybuy BABY in-store specialist said this one gets amazing reviews and my best friend swears by it!  It’s under $30 and so worth avoiding the headache/confusion of memorizing all the latest swaddling techniques.

ON-THE-GO ESSENTIALS: I had a baby stroller donated by a brand, but buybuy BABY had what seemed like 100 different strollers and you could test everything in store! If you don’t know which one you want, you can set them all side by side to compare, or test putting them up and taking them down. Out of everywhere I’ve been, they definitely had the most selection – same with car seats! This is the stroller we got and I’ve heard AMAZING things about it!! A lot of my friends swear by it.

BOTTLES: Another obvious one, but I wanted to share some of my favorites. I bought this bundle and love all the cleaning and drying accessories. Also the Dr. Brown bottles were Beckam’s favorites so I stocked up again for the new baby.

CARRIER: I had tons of friends recommend the Babybjorn carrier – it gets amazing reviews and it’s so pretty in person. Can’t wait to use it!

I also grabbed a few more baby toys, muslin blankets, etc. while I was in store. The whole process of prepping for baby is so much easier when you can go into a one-stop-shop and get it all at once, especially when you are down to crunch time! I loved that they had so much variety in brands and products so you can see it and compare everything in person. The in-store staff was super helpful since they could tell me the main differences between products and they also tell you which are their best sellers or the new cutting-edge products on the market. One thing they said was really popular is this nursing pump that fits right into your bra! My milk dried up pretty fast last time so I wasn’t able to breastfeed for long, so I’m not pulling the trigger on it right away but if I can nurse longer then this is a must. If there is a buybuy BABY in your area I definitely recommend it! Super helpful, wether you are creating a registry or just going on a haul for yourself 🙂


Below are a few more baby essentials I picked up from buybuy BABY:


xx, Christine


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