One of the questions I get the most is about which baby products I recommend. These last two months we have tried a ton of baby products – some tried and true that I used  with Beckam and some that I am newly converted to! There is so much information out there on the internet, but I wanted to put together some of my baby products that I think are 100% worth the hype. Here’s my list!

1. Snuggle Me Organic

The Snuggle Me Organic is one of our most-used baby products so far. It is super convenient to be able to lay him down anywhere and just move him around to any room, depending on where we are hanging out. They also have interchangeable covers so you can pick a pattern to match your aesthetic. So glad we went with the Snuggle Me Organic – we love it!

2. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

The tradition continues with these Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles. Beckam did so well with them and now Ollie is following suit. He doesn’t like the ones with the wide neck nipples, but these standard sized nipples like shown above work great.

3. Doona Car Seat/Stroller

I had a few different strollers with B, but we never tried the Doona so I was really excited to get one for Ollie after everything I’ve heard about it. We travel so much and I loved the idea of a convertible stroller that folds into a car seat in just a few quick steps. We have yet to take our first big trip with Ollie, but we already love it so much! It’s so lightweight and so easy to use – this is an amazing stroller! My only issue is that it doesn’t have a storage compartment underneath, so I just bought a handbag strap so I can hang my diaper bag on it.

4. The Snoo

I was on the fence about The Snoo at first. My friends raved about it but when I first put Ollie in it, he wasn’t convinced. I shared my honest feedback that Ollie wasn’t loving it on Insta stories, and then a bunch of you suggested we swaddle him before we put him in the ‘sleep sack’ and that did the trick! He also has reflux, so they have little risers for purchase so you can elevate two of the legs of the Snoo so it would sit at a slight angle. Now he loves it!

5. The BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

The BabyBjorn bouncer has been our favorite. Not only is it super sleek and easy on the eyes, it also works really well! Ollie is a big fan.

6. Angelcare Bath Support

It took us a few tries before we finally found the right baby bath accessory, but I swear by this one now. It keeps him propped up really well and it’s also easy to wash. I really can’t recommend it enough – it has completely changed bath time for us!

7. nuna PIPA Lite LX Car Seat 

The nuna car seat deserves all the hype they get, too. I asked you guys on stories for light carseats and this one won by a landslide and now I totally get why. It’s sooo super lightweight – I couldn’t believe how much lighter it was than the one I had the first time around with Beckam. I also love the color options they have available and the leather strap is super chic. And Ollie loves it!

8. nuna Mixx Stroller

This is the other stroller we have – it definitely weighs more than the Doona but it has more storage and also has options for forward or rear facing so it can grow with your baby.

9. JJ Cole BundleMe

Ollie loves this bunting bag! It’s perfect for winter, so you can just zip it around the car seat or use it for bunting when he’s in the stroller out for walks or running errands. It’s so convenient and a great substitute for blankets that always end up falling off at the worst places!


10. Fridababy Windi

Now onto the less dreamy but equally necessary products… the Fridababy Windi is amazing. I’ll spare you guys details on how it works, but it is a must for baby gas. Trust me on this one!

11. Fridababy SnotSucker

And one that same note, the SnotSucker Saline Kit is perfect for dealing with congestion and stuffy baby noses. I didn’t totally understand how it worked and I thought the snot could potentially end up in your mouth, but it doesn’t haha. There’s a filter that stops it! Another one you don’t think about, but it’s an absolute lifesaver!

Would love to hear what some of your must-have baby products are that are worth their weight in gold! Leave a comment below with what I need to try.

XX, Christine

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