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Christmas Traditions

Red & White Striped Pajamas (size small – also loving these)|| Glasses || Grey Patterned Socks (also love this colorblocked style)

Kids: Mara’s Elf Jammies (on sale!) || Wes’s Santa Christmas Jammies (on sale!) || B’s Reindeer Jammies

Misc: Elf on the Shelf Book || The Night Before Christmas Book || Giant White Bear || Stuffed Unicorn || Santa Blanket || Elf on the Shelf Game

I have to say the holidays have gotten so much more fun with kids. They bring a different feeling to the season and creating traditions. Every year we pick out a new Christmas book to read while we are all breaking in our Christmas jammies. Even as an adult I am still stoked for Christmas pj’s! This year Mara and Wes are obsessed with Elf on a Shelf, so I was excited to find some elf pajamas I could pretend came from their elf. Pottery Barn Kids (they have the cutest Christmas stuff!) had the option to get their name monogrammed on it which was so perfect so I could tell them their elf made them at Santa’s workshop just for them. Thankfully I still have a couple years before they can read this and realize what’s going on 🙂

We also got them this adorable bed set, but probably my favorite buy was this giant white bear. I guess I should more so introduce him as the newest member of the family since he is twice the size of B. He has became an instant favorite. I am sure Charlie (the bear) will be taking part in our Christmas jammies reading tradition for years to come.


* Photos by JessaKae // Special thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post.



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  1. Orne

    ohhh! this is so cute! And the one on top is the best Christmas photo I´ve seen so far. And your dog looks lovely! Have a nice Christmas!!! xxx

  2. Rachel

    I just recently discovered your blog and love it! Random question, how tall are you? You are very thin like I am and I love seeing how certain pieces fit on your frame to get ideas for myself. So often I feel like I can’t wear oversized things or boyfriend fits because I’m so small. But you’re proving me wrong (in other posts!) It is just hard to tell height on the Internet haha 🙂 also, where is the red and white pouf from?? Love it!

  3. Kallie

    These pics are amazing! I can’t even imagine how you got all children and dog and you looking so dang cute in one pic! Love it!!

  4. Christine

    There are so many blogs out there that I go to on a regular basis but your blog is the only blog that I honestly find very realistic. You seem down to earth and very humble plus your fashion sense is something that most people love and would wear. Thanks for being you and Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  5. Brandy King Martinez

    OMG! These photos are the cutest! and how about your pups antlers! What a sport he is. Wishing your precious little family a Merry Christmas!

  6. kiely

    so adorable! i can’t wait to be a mama so i can enjoy christmas with kiddos!!

    xoxo, kiely

    1. Angela

      Incredible photos!! Your family is precious! Christmas jammies are super cute! Love the kiddos’ jams and yours!!!

  7. leah

    Christmas jams are one of my favorite traditions, too. Love how special that memory is for you kiddos!


  8. Jessica Carlson

    You have such beautiful children! So cute!! I want to see more of them!! 🙂

  9. Roberta

    Where are your sock footies from?

  10. Kim

    Love the reindeer ears on the dog! Such a cute family. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Behluli Girls

    Is seen in the picture that your room is a warmth to the room lighting appearance as well as your attitude. You look perfect family. thumbs up

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