What I Love About the Mornings


Ever since B started walking he seems to be moving a mile a minute. When he first wakes up he’s still a little sleepy so it’s prime cuddle-time. Needless to say I try to stretch those mornings out as long as he lets me – some days we don’t even change out of our pajamas.

This is one of my favorite sets of pajamas (top and bottoms). I love them because I get sooooo hot at night (we sleep with the fan on AC blowing) and they are made with a cooling fabric. It’s crazy what a difference it makes. Just touching them you notice a difference. I wish they made sheets in this material, too.

PJs make a great gift for Mother’s Day – they are universal (who doesn’t love cute pajamas?) but there’s also enough selection that you can put some thought into it – both style and print. One of my moms loves two-piece pajama sets while the other prefers nightgowns so I was able to pick something that fit each of their styles. You can find more great gift ideas for mom here or a little something for yourself 🙂


Photos by JessaKae. Special thanks to Soma for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Jolien

    The pictures are soooo cute. I can imagine you want to stretch these mornings as long as you can! I think I would love the PJ’s too, because I also get very hot at night.

  2. Rae

    How adorable are these pictures!


  3. lu

    such lovely pics and the pajamas are too.

    Lu | loulou

  4. Pam

    I want a baby boy to cuddle with like that!
    You’re looking gorgeous


  5. Laura

    So colorful & cute! What size?

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