Cody and I are the type to wait til the last minute to do, well, just about anything. 😉 The same is true with vacations. We know we want to get out of town for a weekend, we just don’t know which weekend or where exactly. So it usually ends up like a day or two before we leave we find a last minute deal to go somewhere fun. Needless to say there have been a few bumps in pulling off quick vacations at the last minute, but we’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

1.) Be social: Empty seats on airlines don’t do anybody any good (unless you are sitting next to one) so airlines will sometimes tweet out great deals on last-minute fares to fill some seats. Seats are limited to be sure to follow airlines on twitter to get first dibs.

2) Don’t be picky: Last minute vacations are the epitome of spontaneous – so be spontaneous! Don’t be picky on your destination. It’s always fun to check out a new place so if you find a great deal on lodging and flights to some random destination, make the most of it!

3) Last minute plans pay off: Hotels and other accommodations usually discount their unbooked rooms 2 weeks before the check-in dates. We always check out hotel deal sites to find the best last minute deal. A new one we found called Hotel Tonight has big discounts but you can only book 24 hours in advance. So if you are a ok waiting until the last minute you can get good deals. Also we always call the hotel before we book to double check their rate isn’t cheaper. One time the hotel had a special going on and it was $50 cheaper booking with the hotel directly. It doesn’t happen very often but it’s always good to double check 🙂

4) Discounts in the Area: Sometimes with last minute vacations you don’t have much time to research fun activities to do in that city. We check out deal sites like Groupon to find discounts on restaurants and activities. Probably one of my favorites was when we went to San Diego one time we got a deal for like $20 to go on a whale watching tour (I think it was regularly like $100). It was a blast!

5) Travel light: For weekend trips I’m usually pretty good about packing light. I can usually fit my stuff in a small suitcase or weekend bag (just got this cute unisex- weekender bag for Cody and I to share), but when it comes to travel for over 3 days I’m the worst packer! Cody has been challenging me for years now to simplify to a carry-on but not until a terrible experience a few weeks ago did I really learn my lesson. Let’s just say a cancelled flight, lost luggage and stroller, and a full extra day of travel don’t go over very well with a tired 1 year old. Point being, you never really have control over where your luggage ends up unless you keep it with you – meaning a carry-on (OBSESSED with this white one)!

Traveling over the years I have been through a few suitcases. I prefer the hard shell cases over cloth ones. I love this white one and this black one I’ve had for a few months and love.  Weekender bags are great because they work for both travel and day to day activities like the gym. Cody uses this bag for everything. (A good Father’s Day gift if your looking for ideas :).

For more shots from today’s look, check out Cody’s post on Hello His. He’s also sharing tips for starting your bucket list.




* Photos by Emmy Lowe Photo. Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.


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  1. Nikki

    Your family is so cute! Great tips and that Herschel duffle is on my wish list. Do you really love it?
    xoxo Nikki

  2. Michelle

    Love your tips! I don’t travel often but next time I do I will make sure to remember these!

    Michelle ||

  3. Shae

    I love the idea of last minute traveling, but I’ve never done it. These tips are great to keep in mind for the future.

    Shae @ Current Habits

  4. Michelle Murphy

    One of the best holidays I had was a spontaneous trip to Madeira. It was never a destination I had wanted to go but it was just a good price so chose it. I absolutely loved it though, probably my fave holiday ever!

  5. Tynka.

    always perfect!

  6. MARY

    camp bag is so cute, was looking for the link….
    great post though, going to tahoe in a few weeks (from so. cal.)
    and mammoth, and……

    1. MARY

      camo not camp

  7. Jo Nguyen

    A good read, but I can’t agree on number 5 lol. 🙂

  8. Leftbankgirl

    Love your travel tips! I always go with just a carryon, found a cool leopard print one too! By the way, such a cute family!

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