Last month I shared some of my skincare essentials to get your skin ready for spring (full post here). So I wanted to share a follow it up with the essentials you should be doing nowΒ to get your skin ready ready for swimsuit season!

  1. Your full-body skincare routine: The first thing people see during bikini season is your beautiful skin, so start giving it some TLC! Get that flawless skin started now by exfoliating regularly, detoxing, and sealing in that moisture. I read about citrus baths as a way to help get rid of toxins and even out skin tone – it’s also a great mood-booster. For moisturizing, Olay just launched their Cleansing Infusions collection and the products are clinically proven to make your skin radiant and give it a glow. My skin always dries out so much during the summer (especially here in Utah) so I love any product that’s hydrating and the Cleansing Infusions lock in so much moisture. There are two scents and they both smell sooo good – you guys have to try them and tell me what you think! You can order them here or also pick them up in-store at Ulta.
  2. Protecting your skin: Protect, protect, protect! I have become such a fanatic about skincare. I used to never wear sunscreen but now that I have gotten older and learned all the issues and havoc sun damage causes on your skin, I don’t leave the house without it! I use the Olay Whip moisturizer in the morning which has SPF before I put on my foundation. I also keep a bottle of the Kate Somerville SPF 50 setting spray in my bag so if we are spending a long time in the sun or playing in the water, I can quickly spray my face to make sure it’s still protected but not mess up my makeup. Protect your skin now to help prevent issues in the future. πŸ™‚
  3. Bronze up! Even though I am wearing high SPF I still like to look tan! Anyone else? I am naturally a little dark (I’m Colombian) but I also use self-tanner, especially on my face. These oil drops you mix with your moisturizer are my favorite. They don’t make you look orangey or streaky. It says to put a moisturizer on after you apply, but I found it goes on more smoothly if I mix it with my moisturizer.
  4. Your fitness routine or new healthy eating habits. They say you start to see changes in your body within 4 weeks of starting a new healthy eating or fitness regimen, and others start to notice after 8 weeks. That means now is the time to start hitting it hard at the gym or to cut out those foods you’ve been having second thoughts about. I know it’s so hard to stay motivated – at least for me it is at times – so have a friend join the challenge and plan fun rewards when you guys complete each week. Maybe it’s a girls’ dinner or pedicures, just something to help keep you motivated. Don’t forget to take progress pics! Sometimes you forget how much you’ve improved until you look back!
  5. Practicing self-love. At the end of the day, what stands out most during swimsuit season is confidence. Whatever size you wear, or however dark or non-existent your tan, what is most beautiful is your own confidence in a swimsuit. I’ve recently started to appreciate the power of positive affirmations, so start now and tell yourself every day how amazing your body is and how grateful you are for being you! That confidence will give you a glow that only comes from within.

What habits have you guys started lately to get prepped for the summer?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Olay.

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  1. Natali

    Oh yes, they’re all equally important advices and things to do to feel and be at your best. Loved these photos, they’re so beautiful and dreamy!

  2. Liz

    Please link your bathing suit, it’s so cute!

  3. Elizabeth T.

    Can’t wait for swimsuit season, mainly because it’s going to be warmer! πŸ™‚ Definitely need to start hitting the gym and making healthier food choices! <3 πŸ™‚ Thanks for all of these great tips!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. fortune Dushey

    I definitely need to practice more self love! Thanks for the motivation. I am committing to a more healthy lifestyle i.e.. no sugar!

  5. Tabitha

    Great post! I love that so many women are now practicing safe sun care. I remember in high school when girls would go to the tanning beds or lay out without sunscreens. I’m happy to see that’s changing.


  6. Michelle

    These pictures came out beautiful! Now I want to try a citrus bath! Lol I started the BBG program to get ready for summer AND my wedding!

  7. Miranda

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I really like this post! The advice was great and I think you have a wonderful photographer!

  8. Sean Black

    That white swimsuit is so pretty, These pictures are so beautiful and the tips are awesome. I’d love to folloe these tips. For more swimsuits and other clothe accessories. Visit Here:

  9. Tyler Johnson

    That’s a good idea to get some good healthy eating routines before the summer. I could see how gettign some exercise as well could help you get ready for the summer. I should try that out to get ready so I can make sure I look good in a swimsuit.

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