Guys!!  I am soooooo excited to finally launch my Lightroom presets with you guys and even MORE EXCITED to see your photos with them! These are all presets I use on my own photos every day! This pack comes with 6 different presets to use on your photos. I wanted to create a set that was about bringing to life and beauty in the colors we see around us! Below are some before and afters so you can see how they work 🙂 There is also a little description with the style or vibe behind them too. Hope you love them!


This is my go-to preset. The name was inspired by my love for color! I’m continually inspired by the vibrant colors around us – it’s about bringing ‘life’ to every photo! Bright that rich color to every photo with this preset to make any color come to life. Infuse everyday moments with a “life in color”.


This preset was named after our families favorite candy: Hot Tamales 😉 This preset is about making those bold reds even bolder with the Red Hot Tamale filter. It’s the perfect preset for an image that pops.


Sometimes less is more. This preset is perfect for those images that just need a little pick me up. With whiter whites and more muted tones, this is for the minimalist looking for a clean photo.


Cameras never do a sunrise or sunset justice. No matter what I shoot it one, I feel like what your eye sees is so much brighter and richer! This preset is about bringing the color our eyes see to life in a photo. Capture the magic of the most beautiful time of day with this preset to make tones more vibrant.


Add a vintage, polaroid feel to your shots with this warm black and white edit. With a soft contrast, this perfect preset for really sunny images and beach pics for capturing those truly postcard worthy moments.


A moody take on a classic black and white edit, the Midnight Mood filter is the perfect preset to capture all the feels in black and white.

Can’t wait to see you guys use the presets! Don’t forget to share your edits with #HelloFashionPresets – can’t wait to share some of my favorite edits and tag you guys on my stories! These filters only work if you have Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC 🙂 Also a ton you guys have asked about if these work on mobile – we are finishing up the mobile pack which I hope to launch with in the next week. This will be a smaller package just for mobile.

These presets are made for both jpeg and raw images. I shoot a majority of my instagram pictures on my iphone so I wanted them to work with jpeg images! I find myself having to adjust them a little more with raw files but raw will allow you to manipulate color easier and give you a higher quality photo. If you are using these presets on jpeg images just take the grain all the way down to 0.

You can shop the presets here. If you have more questions, you can see some FAQs here and be sure to download on your computer/laptop once you buy the download link after you purchase 🙂

XX, Christine

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! I’m excited to see that you’re venturing out with your photography and edits. Your presets are beautiful, and I hope you’ll do more photo editing tips in the future.


  2. Vaida

    Is it possible to buy one preset rather than whole package?

  3. Lauren

    I had to unfollow today on Instagram due to Christine’s use of “guys”. … “I’ll pick a few of you guys to send unused makeup to. I’m always excited to try out your guys suggestions”

    I follow Christine and have for a very loving time because of the inspiring brand she’s built out of her love of fashion. I would hope that a successful woman like this would have more awareness and consideration on her use of gender neural language. Using “guys” to reference your audience is a sexist and offensive term that I hope you reconsider using in future posts.

  4. Alejandra Hernandez

    Hi! I bought some of your presets but they’re not downloading to my phone.

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