Our custom matching jean jackets are my new favorite!

My forever Valentine ❤️

Levis are one of my all time favorite denim brands I have so many of their jeans! I love this pair cause it’s high waisted with no distressing.

Nothing better than a beautiful bouquet of classic red roses ❤️


This post is sponsored by Levi’s and Shopstyle.

1. How is it February already??

2. Do you guys like Valentine’s Day? It’s kind of a weird holiday…I feel like it puts a lot of pressure on people. You know how they say the “just because” moments or the random “for no reason” mean the most? I totally agree with that but I do love celebrating love and I’ll take any excuse to get some flowers 😛 so I’m 50/50. 

3. We used to get more dressed up for Vday celebrations and now we keep it pretty casual. I got Cody and I these matching Levi’s jackets – I think it’s one of the few things he might be willing to twin with me 😉. I got his initials embroidered on the back, they have three different spots you can put the embroidery on. It’s so cute and it comes really fast which is rare for custom stuff! This jacket would make such a great Valentine’s Day gift. 

4. Speaking of Valentine’s Day…you don’t have to go all out to celebrate. Here are some easy at home ideas we have done in the past: Put the kids to bed and set up a cozy bed in front of the TV with popcorn, yummy drinks and snacks and snuggle up and watch a good movie; Leave love notes around the house in sticky notes — this is one of my favorites even when its not Vday!; take turns that week making each other a new and different meal with a recipe you find on Pinterest. Any other ideas? Would love to hear yours!

5. Levi’s have always been one of my favorite go-to denim brands. Especially their high rise denim! Their denim always fit so well and are at such a good price! I think they are all under $100!  I love this black pair I’m wearing in these pics I needed a solid black pair with no distressing. 

6. We got blinds put in this week and I don’t know why it made me so happy!  I think with all the windows in our new house, I started feeling like anyone could see into our house and so being able to just run around not worried about who’s looking in has brought me a weird sense of relief lol. 

7. I used to be at fashion week almost every time around Valentine’s Day but the last couple years I just dread the cold so much that I haven’t gone so I’m excited to be here for Vday!


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  1. Janine

    1. How do you manage to always look so drop dead gorgeous in anything you weara??!! 2. How ADORABLE are those matching Levi jackets – I didn’t know you could customize them, how fun is that? Have to look into that! 3. Me and my bf are doing a very casual Valentines Day this year, as that day I am writing my last exam (woohooo!!) and will just be in the mood to wind down and watch TV without being stressed about having to study 😉 4. Yeah, I do like Valentines Day, but don’t go crazy over it. 5. I need to go and buy a pair of Levi’s now.
    Hahah, loved that post! Have an amazing weekend!
    xx Janine

  2. whitty

    cheap old ugly shoes

    1. lol why even waste your time commenting something to try and make someone feel bad.

  3. Emily

    Where are your booties from!? So cute!

  4. Tiane

    OMG I absolutely love this! The matching jackets are so adorable! I love I love I love!

  5. Larissa

    Those boots are stunning! Can you link them?

  6. Christina

    I adore those custom Levi’s jackets! I need to go get one right now! Love the wash as well. You guys look so freakin adorable! I am also obsessed with your sunglasses, who makes them? If possible, do you have a link for them? 💗

  7. Caleb

    Wow you can really feel the breeze of valentines even when it’s out of season 💞, best outfit partners and denim jackets, damn


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