What to Pack for a Beach Trip

This swimsuit is one of my new favorites! So comfy & flattering.


Everyone loves a good beach trip right?! I got so many requests and messages asking me to share what I packed / what my beach vacay essentials are. My outfit above is one of my favorites from the trip, and I have rounded up some other essentials that I took with me as well.

On beach trips, I always pack a big floppy straw hat to help protect me from the sun, and a big straw bag (shown in pic below) to hold all my stuff in for the beach. This is the bag I took to Hawaii recently and I loved it! I’ve actually had it for 2 years I think and they just restocked it. It’s such a good bag and can hold a lot but not be too heavy.

The majority of the clothing I take with me are cute swimsuits, cover ups, and light weight linens for the beach and pool! I found this brand last year called POSSE and their pieces are AMAZING! They are really light weight and I love the neutral color palette they have. I’m wearing their rose linen top above. I try to take neutral cover ups that go with anything, so that I can wear them more than once.

This flowy maxi dress (shown above) is amazing! This brand has lots of cute flow pieces that are colorful and playful.

You can’t forget swimsuits!! I love this swimsuit, this one piece suit, and this one piece that I shared on my Instagram!  This swimsuit (shown above) on is a good one for any body type, comes in like 10 colors and it’s under $100.

Comfy pants are an essential of mine for beach vacations too! I like to have something lightweight and flows (in case you get burned 😉 or it’s just too hot and you don’t want crazy tight fitting clothes.  I got these pants and wore them almost every other night to dinner. I love how effortless and cute they look and they’re so comfy to throw on after a long day outside they feel like pajamas! These are a BIG STAPLE!

For makeup, I always stay very minimal when outside at the pool and beach – I rarely do my makeup when we travel.  I usually just put on some tinted moisturizer – this one is a recent favorite and I love that it has SPF in it!

And of course – its always important to have a good suitcase to get you to the beach!  I got this cute red suitcase a couple months ago and I am still loving it. I have also been using this bag when traveling – I love that its big and holds everything I need as a purse and is easy to clean!

Let me know if I missed anything you saw me wearing and I will be sure to link it!  Hope this helps when packing and hope you are all going somewhere fun & warm soon 🙂


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  1. Caloveline

    Ooh I love that bikini! I always wear high waisted bikini bottoms (have a ugly scar across my tummy) going to ask mommy if she will order those for me 😂

  2. Janine

    SO many cute pieces, ah I am craving a beach vacation so badly right now! 🙂 You wore some amazing outfits, I especially love that black swimsuit in the first picture, it is stunning!
    xx Janine

  3. Je m'appelle Monique

    The contagious power of that beautiful look 💕😍 marvellous & enchanting 💕 love your creative & modern style dear ❤️

  4. Esther Loke

    You look stunning in those pieces! And I love your suitcase so bad that I will probably order one for my next trip!!!

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