Happy Friday guys!! With so much home content lately, I’ve started to edit my photos pretty true to color and natural. Some of you guys have been asking about the new edit – so I just released my ‘Natural’ preset collection. They are perfect for those pictures that just need a slight edit – a little brighter, a touch warmer, etc. It’s a pack of 6 different edits that have been my go-to presets lately, so you have plenty of options to get the perfect, natural-feeling edit for any of your pictures. The photo above of Ollie in his bunny outfit is all the presets on the same photo just copy and pasted (no tweaks) so you can see how they look. Then below I wanted to share a side-by-side of the same shot with some of the presets.

Natural Clean Preset – this one and the natural everyday (shown below) are probably my most used.

Natural Everyday Interior Preset: another most used this has a slight fade to it to soften the tones

Natural Grain Preset: With film pictures being so in right, I love adding a little grain to my iphone shots to give it that filmy feel. I have this preset in a cool and warm edit.

Here is the Natural Warm preset with my everyday preset (original in the middle) so you can see how the edit hits on the same picture. All of them are so good and will help unify your feed – but keep them pretty true to color.

If you haven’t used presets before, they are super easy to use! There’s also a video description to walk you through the install once you purchase. Right now you can get the ‘Natural’ preset pack for under $15 with code: PRESETSB. You can also shop my other presets here – there’s an ‘Essentials’ pack, City pack, Island pack, and also my Interiors preset pack!

You can also check out some more before and after shots with my other preset packs in this post and this post, plus a few tips for improving your IG feed here.

XX, Christine

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