20 Things To Do This Fall


FALL IS HERE!! I always get so inspired and excited by fall! From the fashion, to the colorful leaves, to the weather and getting cozy by the fire, it’s hands down my favorite time of year. This year I wanted to share my fall checklist – I put together a list of everything I want to fit in this fall so you can follow along!

  • Decorate the front porch for fall. Get in the fall spirit with a pretty wreath, pumpkins, mums, and a festive doormat – how cute is this one!
  • Go on a hike to see all the leaves changing colors. The first thing we checked off our fall checklist was a trip to check out the leaves changing color. Last Sunday after church we headed on an impromptu hike. We went up the canyon this past weekend and just pulled over at a random spot and started hiking. A couple have asked what hike and honestly NO idea cause we just pulled off a spot we liked, but it was in Big Cottonwood Canyon. So gorgeous!
  • Leaf Animals. If you guys caught my stories this weekend, the kids collected pretty leaves from our hike to make a craft of little leaf animals. They all turned out sooooo cute! Mara made an elephant, Wes a parrot, and Beckam a bug. They make the perfect decor for fall and also a sentimental keepsake as the kids grow up.
  • Put together a yummy fall charcuterie board. I’ve seen some fall-themed charcuterie boards and now I’ve got the bug! Can’t wait to put together a cute charcuterie with all things fall!
  • Go apple picking. I have never done this and have always wanted to! I’m hoping to find a cute place to go this year!
  • Sit by the fire. One of the things covid has taught me is too slow down. Be more present. As things have started opening up, I don’t want to loose that, so this is a reminder to be still, enjoy the fire, and sip on apple cider and write in my journal.
  • Dance to the Monster Mash. Family dance party!
  • Go to the pumpkin patch + pumpkin carving. Ok this one is kind of a given but it has been a family tradition and I always look forward to it, but even more so this year with Ollie being old enough to enjoy it. 🙂
  • Hunt down the best fall candles. I can almost guarantee I’ll have a fall candle burning every day from now to the holidays, starting with all those yummy fall scents! I’ve been burning this one on repeat and also love this one.
  • Dress up your fur-monster. The kids LOVE dressing up Mio in different costumes. Extend the halloween spirit to your cute little fur babies.
  • Flash light sleepover. Let all the kids pile in your room or living room and do a sleepover with just flashlights, no power and tell stories (if you like scary stories you can go that route, but I’m a wimp so we will probably not go that route haha)
  • Get a festive fall manicure. Give me all the fall mani inspo!! I can’t wait for my next manicure to try out some pretty fall tones.
  • Frightfest.  Watch a classic scary movie every night leading up to Halloween. We love movie night! There are tons of Halloween movies so you’ll have plenty to pick from leading up to Halloween, whether you go the family-friendly Hocus Pocus route or more of a classic thriller with your friends or S/O. I HATE real scary movies so I always opt for the family friendly ones haha.
  • Update your family pictures. Fall is the perfect time to schedule some new family photos. I’ve been on the hunt for some good/new shoot locations around SLC that I’ll be sharing soon, but anything in the mountains, in front of trees with leaves turning colors, or even a cool urban downtown shoot would be perfect in fall when the light tends to be softer – plus you can add more layers for cuter coordinating outfits. 😉
  • Bake a pie from scratch. Time to start perfect your fall pie recipes!
  • Give back. It’s so important to Cody and me to teach the kids the important of giving back, so every year we try to find a local charity to support where the kids can participate. I love the idea of finding local charities that are collecting food or coats/blankets for people who need it, especially as temperatures start to drop.
  • Jump in the leaves. No explanation needed 🙂
  • Have a chili/soup competition with prizes for the best recipe. With my parents living in Utah for the winter, I can’t wait to take advantage of all my dad’s yummy fall recipes!
  • Snuggle up in a new sweater / refresh my fall wardrobe. I’ve been in major online shopping mode! Just got this and this – I’ll be sharing more of my favorite buys later this week!
  • Book a cabin getaway in the mountains.  Every year I am in awe of how beautiful Utah is and I could spend hours on Instagram just in awe over all the gorgeous New England towns with the leaves changing for fall. Fall is the best time to book a little getaway to enjoy some fresh mountain air and the cozy small town vibes.

What are some things on your fall checklist?

XX, Christine

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