Hey guys! Hope you all had a weekend! It was the first weekend in over a month we were home all weekend and let me just say it felt amazing! I finally got the house clean, and the laundry done, I don’t think I put on make up all weekend and we got to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in forever. It was just so nice to be home!

When it comes to investment pieces, handbags are always at the top of my list of things I save up for. They do so much to elevate any outfit and make budget looks seem higher end. I just got this Celine last week and I am obsessed. I don’t get all my bags brand new, Trendlee is one of my go to spots for discounted high-end designer handbags. They have so many pretty pieces but I am always such a sucker for Celine. This Hermes is next on my list. How pretty is it?! 


*Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Trendlee.

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  1. Natali

    Celine bags are some of my favorite ones and every penny that I have ever spent into buying them has payed off multiple times by now!


  2. Lacey @ My Boring Closet

    Oh wow I just love this casual look! Glad you got to have a nice relaxing weekend. Those are always much needed!

    xo Lacey

  3. Tynka.

    wow, so chic!

  4. Shae

    I’m getting close to making my first designer bag purchase. I’m a little wary of buying used, but I definitely need to consider it!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  5. Brianna

    Those sunglasses ❤️ what is the brand?

  6. Anna D Kart

    I would love to ‘love designer bags” too if I could afford one ha! lol
    Love the new CELINE design with the contrast trim

    Happy Medley

  7. Dominique

    I wasn’t able to read some of this. Your links and post somehow got jumbled together. But I agree handbags are an awesome investment into your style! Lately I can only use diaper bags though 🙁


  8. Paige

    I agree! Designer bags can make any outfit look flawless! They also hold their value really well so you can exchange them for a new bag easier later down the road!


  9. Lori Bourland

    You may have already answered this but where are the jeans from? I love them!

  10. Mandy K

    Where are your jeans from? Love, love, love them ????

      1. Kay

        Can’t find my previous question regarding the white tee shirt in the comment section. I would like to know where I can buy it. Thanks.

        1. Hi Kay! It’s a men’s shirt from H&M they are like $6-$8 I can’t remember but they are great! I always steal them from my husband 🙂

  11. Darci

    I am always looking for a good white t-shirt but can never find one. What is the brand of the one you have on in these pictures?

  12. Nicole

    that bag is AMAZING. i always have my eye on Celine’s but they always look so big and bulky to me. that color is to die for, it makes your look so classic and light. GREAT choice!!

  13. Melody

    Wow! I would’ve never guessed this bag was pre-loved. It looks brand new. I just bought a Chanel flap pre-loved and can’t wait for it to arrive. A Birkin is next on my list too. I want (NEED) the black 30 with gold hardware.


  14. Jill

    I love handbags too , I get my Mom’s hand me downs when she buys nice bags then does not use them. I am hoping to purchase one of my own soon.

  15. Caitlyn S.

    I so wish I had some high end designer bags… I have one kate spade set of small black cedar street maise satchel and matching wallet (the small one not the big zip one that I really wanted because that was another hundred bucks that I couldn’t afford lol)…. I have a few coach. but that’s as high end as I have gotten. I have always wanted a LV and a chanel. I love everything about this look and that bag.

  16. Nancy

    Just bought a really great vintage 1980’s Coach Legacy bag this weekend. Now that I’ve discovered great consignment shops that is where I shop for designer handbags!

  17. Seppy

    Absolutely love your bag! It’s beautiful!

    I agree that it’s worth investing in a piece that will last longer, is sturdy, but will elevate your outfit so easily!


  18. Liv

    Where did you get those jeans? So cute!

  19. Rae

    I agree with you bag philosophy! I have yet to purchase my first “high end” bag though, one of these days!


  20. Sharan

    LOVE the handbag! It’s gorgeous and the color is beautiful.

  21. Ivelina

    Love the sunglasees and the bag of course

  22. Lacee Porter

    Was wondering if I could get your permission to post this photo on my blog that promotes positivity and happiness through photos, lyrics, quotes, and fashion. Check it out on http://www.restylelife.com and let me know. I would also like to post it on my instagram to link it to my blog.

  23. Alyssa

    Where did you get your white shirt from?. and i love that bag.

  24. BorboletaBag

    Looking nice these all fashion bag. great combination with dress. thanks for sharing this amazing post.

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