Working from home… it can be one of those grass is greener situations, am I right? People who work from home sometimes miss the social aspect of working in an office whereas people who work in an office wish they had the flexibility of working remotely. Whatever your typical setup, I think we all agree home life has changed substantially over the last couple weeks. Whether you are starting to work from home due to Covid19 – or are looking for ways to be productive around the house, here are some of my essentials for working from home!

1. Coffeemaker: First things first, coffee. I used to look forward to stopping and grabbing my cup of coffee with Beckam before I dropped him off at school, but I’ve never been more grateful for a coffeemaker until now. This one is best for easy quick coffee. My dad surprised us with this high tech one and it can make espressos, coffee, mochas, everything, it is pricier but so yummy if your an avid coffee drinker. It’s like having Starbucks in your house ;). ┬áJust add a cute mug to start the morning off on the right foot. (Have you guys seen these? So cute!)

2. A Notepad: Although everything I do basically begins and ends with all things digital, sometimes the best way to wrap your head around something is to write it out with good old fashioned pen and paper. I love this cute notepad to keep your week organized (seemingly more impossible now than ever haha) and this desktop calendar (also perfect for putting together a weekly schedule for the kids!).

3. Airpods: Honestly, these are worth every penny. I still haven’t made the transition to the Airpods Pro, although I’ve heard amazing reviews for the noice cancelling affect, but the standard version is amazing. I can’t imagine working from home without them now! Add Siri and ‘Talk to text” and it brings a whole new meaning to handsfree.

4. A dedicated workspace: With a laptop, it’s easy to roam the house and end up working from anywhere you can find a flat surface and quiet space for moment. I’ve found it’s always best to have a dedicated work space to help get you in that working mentality every time you sit down. If that’s not an option, instead focus on dedicated non-working zones. Working from bed might sound like heaven, but it’s best to keep that space dedicated to rest and relaxation so you don’t start to associate the two.

5. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses: If you aren’t used to starting at a screen 40+ hours a week, then let me introduce you to blue-light blocking glasses! Trust me on these – your eyes will thank you. (Another hack to avoid headaches – focus on your posture! Especially with laptops, you usually tend to look down at your screen. Try to find a set up that elevates your computer so your neck isn’t bent all day.)

6. A good candle: If you’re going to be indoors for most of the day, find joy in the simple things! Whether it’s a pretty bunch of blooms or lighting up your favorite candle, adding something a little luxurious to your workday will make it all the more bearable.

Also wanted to mention a few of my favorite apps for working from home! If you have any others to add to the list, comment below for other people to download!

  • Swipes – This is the best app for your to do list! Just swipe to cross something off your list – so rewarding!
  • Google Calendar – I live by my calendar! I am always most efficient when I am time-blocking. Just set aside 30 minutes to focus on a single task, and work on it without distraction until the 30 minutes is up. Multitasking is actually less efficient, because your brain has to adjust when you switch back and forth between tasks, so time-blocking is a must, especially when you are dealing with so many potential interruptions during the day.

Below are some other office additions to brighten up your home workspace. You can also read more about the truth about balancing mom and work life and other lessons I’ve learned about working from home here and here.


XX, Christine

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    That coffee machine looks utterly heavenly…I want it so badly!! Will add to wedding registry I think…haha!!

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